Food and Beverage Food Emulsifiers Market

The rise in consumption of processed foods due to the rising disposable income and the increasing end-user applications of food emulsifiers are expected to drive the overall food emulsifiers market.

The mono- & di-glycerides and their derivatives segment is projected to account for the largest share to the food emulsifiers market during the forecast period. The mono- & di-glycerides and their derivatives segment is estimated to dominate the market, as they are used for various applications. It has been observed that during 2017, the US food industry consumed more than 70% of mono- & di-glycerides based emulsifiers.

The market for plant-based emulsifiers is projected to account for the largest market share in the food emulsifiers market during the forecast period. Plant-based food emulsifiers are preferred to animal-based food emulsifiers, as they are less harmful and more stable in food formulation. These factors drive the plant segment in the food emulsifiers market.

By application, the dairy & frozen desserts segment is projected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period owing to the increased consumption of food products in this application, especially in the developed regions of North America and Europe.

The market in North America is the largest due to the increased demand for convenience foods and dairy & frozen desserts among the consumers. The market here is driven by increased consumption of processed food in this region and the presence of the majority of the top food emulsifier companies in this region.

Key market players include Archer Daniels Midland Company (US), DowDuPont (US), Cargill (US), Kerry Group Plc. (Ireland), and Ingredion Incorporated (US). Other players include Tate & Lyle (Ireland), Corbion N.V. (Netherlands), Lonza Group Ltd. (Switzerland), Palsgaard A/S (Denmark), Riken Vitamin Co. Ltd. (Japan), and Beldem S.A. (Belgium).

Key Questions Addressed by the Report                                                                                            

·        Where are the industry players positioned in the industry, in terms of the micro quadrants?

·        What are the major industrial applications of the food emulsifiers market?

·        Which are the major factors that are expected to drive the market in the near future?

·        Which region would offer a higher growth for the players in the market?

·        Which type would see the largest market share in the market?

1.  Introduction

1.1.   Market Definition

1.2.   Study Scope

1.3.   Study Period

1.4.   Market Stakeholders

2.  Research Methodology

2.1.   Secondary Research

2.2.   Primary Research

2.3.   Research Design

2.4.   Data Validation

2.5.   Limitations and Assumptions

3.  Market Dynamics

3.1.   Drivers

3.1.1. Increase in the Consumption of Convenience Foods and Premium Products

3.1.2. Growing Number of End-Use Applications Due to Multifunctional Attributes

of Emulsifiers

3.2.   Challenges

3.2.1. Limited Extraction and Additional Costs Associated With Emulsifiers Extracted From

Natural Resources

3.2.2. Health Problems Associated With the Consumption of Emulsifiers

3.3.   Opportunities

3.3.1. Product Innovations Leading to Better Stabilization Properties and Lower Costs

4.  Executive Summary

5.  Food Emulsifiers Market, By Type

5.1.   Mono- & Di-Glycerides and Their Derivatives

5.2.   Lecithin

5.2.1. Oiled Lecithin

5.2.2. De-oiled lecithin

5.3.   Sorbitan Esters

5.4.   Polyglycerol Esters

5.5.   Stearoyl Lactylates

5.6.   Others

6.  Food Emulsifiers Market, By Source

6.1.   Plant Source

6.2.   Animal Source

7.  Food Emulsifiers Market, By Application

7.1.   Bakery Products

7.2.   Dairy & Frozen Desserts

7.3.   Confectionery Products

7.4.   Meat Products

7.5.   Convenience Foods

7.6.   Others

8.   Food Emulsifiers Market, By Function 

8.1.   Emulsification

8.2.   Starch Complexing

8.3.   Protein Interaction

8.4.   Aeration and Stabilization

8.5.   Crystal Modification

8.6.   Oil Structuring

8.7.   Lubrication and Processing Aids

9.  Food Emulsifiers Market, By Region

9.1.   North America

9.1.1. US

9.1.2. Canada

9.1.3. Mexico

9.2.   Europe

9.2.1. Spain

9.2.2. Germany

9.2.3. France

9.2.4.  Italy

9.2.5.  UK

9.2.6. Rest of Europe

9.3.   Asia Pacific

9.3.1.  Japan

9.3.2.  China

9.3.3.  India

9.3.4.  Australia & New Zealand

9.3.5.  South Korea

9.3.6. Rest of APAC

9.4.   Rest of the World

9.4.1. South America

9.4.2. Middle East

9.4.3. Africa

10.  Company Profiles

10.1. Archer Daniels Midland Company

10.2. Cargill

10.3. DowDuPont

10.4. Ingredion Incorporated

10.5. Kerry Group Plc 

10.6. Corbion N.V.

10.7. Beldem S.A.

10.8. Lonza Group Ltd.

10.9. Palsgaard A/S

10.10. Riken Vitamin Co. Ltd

10.11. Tate & Lyle Plc

11.  Conclusion and Recommendations

12.  Appendix

12.1. About

12.2. Related Reports

12.3. Glossary

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