Aerospace and Defence Gas Separation Membranes Market

The market size of gas separation membranes is estimated to grow at moderate growth rate during the forecast period. The growing demand for biogas in the emerging countries and cost-effectiveness of membrane separation has led to growth in the market during the forecast period. However, stringent regulations on the plasticization of polymeric membranes act as a major restraint for the market growth.

Nitrogen generation & oxygen enrichment, hydrogen recovery, carbon dioxide removal, vapor/gas separation, vapor/vapor separation, and air dehydration, are the major applications for gas separation membranes market. The carbon dioxide removal segment was estimated to lead the market in 2018, whereas, vapor/vapor separation is projected to be the fastest-growing application for gas separation membranes during the forecast period.

The polyimide & polyaramide is projected to be the largest as well as the fastest-growing gas separation membrane material driving due to its excellent properties such as selectivity & permeability, high chemical & thermal stability, mechanical strength, and good film forming.

APAC is projected to dominate the gas separation membranes market during the forecast period. Demand for carbon dioxide removal application in developing countries such as China and India is leading the growth of gas separation membranes in the region. Continuous innovation and development, making APAC an industrial hub has led to industry consolidations, which is further expected to fuel the growth of the market in the region.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (US), Air Liquide Advanced Separations (France), Ube Industries Ltd. (Japan), Honeywell UOP (US), Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.V. (Netherlands), Schlumberger Ltd. (US), DIC Corporation (Japan), Parker Hannifin Corporation (US), Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. (US), and Generon IGS, Inc. (US) are some of the major players in the Gas Separation Membranes Market.

Key Questions Addressed by the Report

·        Are there any upcoming hot bets for the gas separation membranes market?

·        How are the market dynamics for the different applications of gas separation membranes?

·        What are the upcoming opportunities for the different types of gas separation membranes in emerging economies?

·        What are the significant trends that are influencing the gas separation membranes market?

·        Who are the major manufacturers of gas separation membranes?

·        What are the factors governing the gas separation membranes market in each region?

1.      Introduction

1.1.   Market Definition

1.2.   Study Scope

1.3.   Study Period

1.4.   Market Stakeholders

2.      Research Methodology

2.1.   Secondary Research

2.2.   Primary Research

2.3.   Research Design

2.4.   Data Validation

2.5.   Limitations and Assumptions

3.      Market Dynamics

3.1.   Drivers

3.1.1.Increasing Demand for Membranes in Carbon Dioxide Separation Processes

3.1.2.Demand for Membrane Separation Technology in Nitrogen Generation and Syngas Cleaning Due to Its Cost-Effectiveness

3.2.   Challenges

3.2.1.Upscaling and Commercializing New Membranes

3.2.2.Technical Disadvantages Over Other Gas Separation Technologies

3.2.3.Plasticization of Polymeric Membranes in High-Temperature Applications

3.3.   Opportunities

3.3.1.Development of Mixed Matrix Membranes

4.      Executive Summary

5.      Gas Separation Membranes Market, By Material Type

5.1.   Polyimide & polyaramide

5.2.   Polysulfone

5.3.   Cellulose acetate

5.4.   Others (polyether, silicone rubber, polyethylene, polycarbonate, polyphenylene oxide, polystyrene, polydimethylsiloxane, perfluoropolymers, and ethyl cellulose)

6.      Gas Separation Membranes Market, By Module Type

6.1.   Hollow fiber

6.2.   Spiral wound

6.3.   Plate and frame

6.4.   Others (Tubular and capillary)

7.      Gas Separation Membranes Market, By Application

7.1.   Nitrogen generation & oxygen enrichment

7.2.   Hydrogen recovery

7.3.   Carbon dioxide removal

7.4.   Vapor/gas separation

7.5.   Vapor/vapor separation

7.6.   Air dehydration

7.7.   Others (sour gas treating, natural gas dehydration, sulfur removal, hydrocarbons recovery, and helium separation & recovery)

8.      Gas Separation Membranes Market, By Region

8.1.   Asia Pacific


8.1.2.Southeast Asia



8.1.5.South Korea

8.1.6.Rest of APAC

8.2.   North America




8.3.   Europe







8.3.7.Rest of Europe

8.4.   Middle East & Africa

8.4.1.Saudi Arabia


8.4.3.Rest of MEA

8.5.   South America



8.6.   Rest of South America

9.      Company Profiles

9.1.   Leading Companies in Gas Separation Membranes Market

9.1.1.Air Products and Chemicals

9.1.2.Air Liquide Advanced Separations

9.1.3.UBE Industries

9.1.4.Honeywell Uop

9.1.5.Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.V.

9.1.6.Schlumberger Limited

9.1.7.DIC Corporation


9.1.9.Membrane Technology and Research

9.1.10.   Generon IGS

9.1.11.   Other Players

9.1.12.   Evonik Industries AG

9.1.13.   Grasys CJSC

9.1.14.   Novamem Ltd.

9.1.15.   Hydrogenics

*Company introduction, financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis

10.  Conclusion and Recommendations

11.  Appendix

11.1.                    About

11.2.                    Related Reports

11.3.                    Glossary

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