Information and Communication Technology Mass Notification Systems Market

The global Mass Notification Systems market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR 17.23% rate from 2021 to 2026.The growing concern for public safety and security and the increasing implementation of Internet Protocol (IP)-based notification devices are the major factors driving the market growth.

Education vertical to hold the highest Market share. Mass notification solutions are being used in educational institutions for a long time to make the campus more sustainable. These systems ensure the safety and security of the students and faculty, improve building performance and comfort, streamline institutional operations, reduce operational expenses, and increase long-term financial stability. These solutions help in informing the students, teachers, parents, staff, emergency first responders, and law enforcement agencies about the activities on the campuses.

On-premises segment to hold a higher market share. The mass notification solutions in industrial avenues and manufacturing plants are usually deployed on-premises. The on-premises deployment is generally used for alerting individual employees, updating contact information, and securing personal data and devices on a network, such as computers, laptops, and smartphones.

APAC to witness the highest CAGR. APAC is most prone to natural disasters, with over 70% of the world's natural disasters occur in this region. Moreover, scientists have predicted that the intensity and incidence of disasters in APAC would increase in the years to come. Accordingly, the Mass Notification Systems Market share is increasing in APAC as the awareness about public safety, and these systems are growing. Last year, APAC countries introduced a 5-year campaign at United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), which aimed at encouraging greater use of space technology and the Geographic Information System (GIS) for better disaster risk reduction and management, as well as to minimize the environmental costs of economic growth in the region.

Key market players include Motorola Solutions (US), BlackBerry AtHoc (US), Eaton (Ireland), Honeywell (US), Siemens (Germany), Everbridge (US), Blackboard (US), Desktop Alert (US), OnSolve (US), Singlewire Software (US), xMatters (US), Alertus (US), Johnson Controls (US), Federal Signal Corporation (US), and Rave Mobile Safety (US).

Key Questions Addressed by the Report:

·       Where would all these developments take the industry in the mid to long term?

·       What are the upcoming industry solutions in the Mass Notification Systems Market?

·       Which are the major factors expected to drive the MNS market? 

·       Which region would offer high growth opportunity for vendors in the MNS market?

1.     Introduction

1.1.  Market Definition

1.2.  Study Scope

1.3.  Study Period

1.4.  Market Stakeholders

2.     Research Methodology

2.1.  Secondary Research

2.2.  Primary Research

2.3.  Research Design

2.4.  Data Validation

2.5.  Limitations and Assumptions

3.     Market Dynamics

3.1.  Drivers

3.1.1.Growing Concern for Public Safety and Security to Boost the Adoption of the MNS Market

3.1.2.Increasing Implementation of Ip-Based Notification Devices

3.1.3.Growing Regulatory Compliances Around the Technology

3.2.  Challenges

3.2.1.Lack of Awareness About MNS

3.2.2.Hardware Infrastructure Prone to Single-Point Failures

3.3.  Opportunities

3.3.1.Extensive Demand in the Energy and Utilities Vertical

3.3.2.Growing Cloud-Based MNS Deployment

4.     Executive Summary

5.     Mass Notification Systems Market, By Component

5.1.  Hardware

5.2.  Software and Services

6.     Mass Notification Systems Market, By Solution

6.1.  In-Building Solutions

6.2.  Wide-Area Solutions

6.3.  Distributed Recipient Solutions

7.     Mass Notification Systems Market, By Deployment Type

7.1.  On-Premises

7.2.  Cloud

8.     Mass Notification Systems Market, By Organization Size

8.1.  Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

8.2.  Large Enterprises

9.     Mass Notification Systems Market, By Vertical

9.1.  Commercial and Industrial

9.2.  Education

9.3.  Energy and Utilities

9.4.  Healthcare and Life Sciences

9.5.  Defense and Military

9.6.  Transportation and Logistics

9.7.  Government

9.8.  Others

10. Mass Notification Systems Market, By Region

10.1.                 North America

10.1.1.  United States

10.1.2.  Canada

10.2.                 Europe

10.2.1.  Germany

10.2.2.  United Kingdom

10.2.3.  France            

10.2.4.  Spain

10.2.5.  Rest of Europe

10.3.                 Asia Pacific

10.3.1.  China

10.3.2.  Japan

10.3.3.  South Korea

10.3.4.  India

10.3.5.  Rest of Asia Pacific

10.4.                 Middle East and Africa

10.4.1.  Middle East and North Africa

10.4.2.  Sub-Saharan Africa

10.5.                 Latin America

10.5.1.  Mexico

10.5.2.  Brazil

10.5.3.  Rest of Latin America

11. Company Profiles 

11.1.                 Leading Companies in Mass Notification Systems Market

11.1.1.  MotoRoLA Solutions

11.1.2.  BlackBerry AtHoc

11.1.3.  Eaton

11.1.4.  Honeywell

11.1.5.  Siemens

11.1.6.  Everbridge

11.1.7.  Blackboard

11.1.8.  DesKTop Alert

11.1.9.  OnSolve (Ecn+ Mir3+ Sendwordnow)

11.1.10.                   Singlewire Software

11.1.11.                   xMatters

11.1.12.                   Alertus

11.1.13.                   Johnson Controls

11.2.                 Other Companies in Mass Notification Systems Market

*Company introduction, financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis

12. Conclusion and Recommendations

13. Appendix

13.1.                 About

13.2.                 Related Reports

13.3.                 Glossary

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