Chemical and Materials Masterbatch Market

The masterbatch market is projected to grow at a CAGR 4.23% rate during the forecast period. Masterbatch is a blend of pigments, additives, and polymer materials (carrier resin). It is widely used in applications such packaging, building & construction, consumer goods, automotive, textile, and agriculture to strengthen the properties of plastic and to impart color. Color, white, black, additive, and filler are the different types of masterbatches based on the properties and functionality. The polymer-based masterbatch is used because of its easy processing with different plastics.By type, the masterbatch market has been segmented into color, white, black, additive, and filler. The color segment is expected to register highest market share during the forecast period, in terms of value. This is attributed to increasing use of color masterbatch in various applications such as packaging, building & construction, automotive, consumer goods, agriculture, and textile among, others.

On the basis of application, packaging segment is accounted for the largest market share, in terms of value, followed by the building & construction segment, in 2017. Growing demand for packaging in food & beverage, personal care, medical, household, electrical & electronics, building & construction, automotive, and other industries is expected to fuel the growth of the market. The emerging countries are developing the infrastructure by using masterbatch in the building & construction application.

APAC is estimated to be at the leading position in masterbatch market in 2018 and is expected to continue to lead the market till 2023. Countries such as India, China, and Taiwan, are witnessing strong demand for packaging, which is a key application of masterbatch and hence boost the growth of the market. Increased purchasing power of consumers and rise in the middle-class population in this region is also increasing the demand for plastic products in APAC.

Key players in the Masterbatch Market are Clariant AG (Switzerland), Ampacet Corporation (US), A.Schulman, Inc. (US), Polyone Corporation (US), Cabot Corporation (US), Plastika Kritis S.A. (Greece), Plastiblends India Ltd (India), Hubron International (UK), Tosaf Group (Israel), and Penn Color, Inc. (US).

Key Questions Addressed by the Report

  • What are the major developments impacting the market?
  • Where will all these developments take the industry in the mid- to long-term?
  • What are the upcoming types of masterbatch?
  • What are the emerging applications of masterbatch?
  • What are the major factors that will impact market growth during the forecast period?

  1. Introduction
  2. Market Definition
  3. Study Scope
  4. Study Period
  5. Market Stakeholders
  6. Research Methodology
  7. Secondary Research
  8. Primary Research
  9. Research Design
  10. Data Validation
  11. Limitations and Assumptions
  12. Market Dynamics
  13. Drivers
  14. Replacement of Metals With Plastics in Automotive Applications
  15. Widely Preferred Coloring Method
  16. Challenges
  17. Non-Biodegradability of Plastics
  18. Availability of Low Quality and Cheaper Products
  19. Opportunities
  20. Growth in Emerging Economies
  21. Executive Summary
  22. Masterbatch Market, By Type
  23. Color Masterbatch
  24. Standard colors
  25. Speciality colors
  26. Tailor-Made Colors
  27. Additive Masterbatch
  28. Antimicrobial additive
  29. Antioxidant additive
  30. Flame retardant
  31. UV stabilizer
  32. Foaming agent/blowing agent
  33. Optical brightener
  34. Nucleating agent
  35. White Masterbatch
  36. Black Masterbatch
  37. Filler Masterbatch
  38. Masterbatch Market, By Polymer
  39. Polypropylene
  40. Low-Density Polyethylene & Linear Low-Density Polyethylene
  41. High-Density Polyethylene
  42. Polyvinyl Chloride
  43. Polyurethane
  44. Polyethylene Terephthalate
  45. Polystyrene
  46. Others
  47. Masterbatch Market, By Application
  48. Packaging
  49. Rigid
  50. Flexible
  51. Building & Construction
  52. Pipes and fittings
  53. Doors and windows
  54. Fences and fenestrations
  55. Siding
  56. Consumer Goods
  57. Electronics
  58. Furniture
  59. Footwear
  60. Automotive
  61. Exterior
  62. Interior
  63. Textiles
  64. Agriculture
  65. Others
  66. Masterbatch Market, By Region
  67. North America
  68. US
  69. Mexico
  70. Canada
  71. Europe
  72. Germany
  73. Italy
  74. France
  75. Spain
  76. UK
  77. Benelux
  78. Poland
  79. Rest of Europe
  80. Asia Pacific
  81. China
  82. Japan
  83. India
  84. South Korea
  85. Taiwan
  86. Australia & New Zealand
  87. Indonesia
  88. Middle East & Africa
  89. Iran
  90. Saudi Arabia
  91. South Africa
  92. South America
  93. Brazil
  94. Argentina
  95. Chile
  96. Company Profiles
  97. Clariant AG
  98. Ampacet Corporation
  99. Schulman, Inc.
  100. Polyone Corporation
  101. Cabot Corporation
  102. Plastika Kritis S.A.
  103. Plastiblends India
  104. Hubron International
  105. Tosaf Group
  106. Penn Color, Inc.
  107. Other Players
  108. Rtp Company
  109. O’neil Color & Compounding
  110. Af Color
  111. High Technology Masterbatches S.L.

*Company introduction, financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis

  1. Conclusion and Recommendations
  2. Appendix
  3. About
  4. Related Reports
  5. Glossary

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