Automotive and Transportation Thick Film Resistor Market

The Thick Film Resistor Market is projected to grow at a CAGR 4.12% rate during the forecast period. The market is primarily driven by the increasing demand for high performance electrical and electronic products, increasing adoption of 4G networks, and advanced technologies in automotive industry.

Thick Film resistor is expected to be the largest market. The factors driving this market are the growing automotive industry, consumer electronics goods, and telecommunications products. Rising IC and electric & hybrid vehicles sales along with the government regulations to enhance fuel efficiency and safety standards have prompted the OEMs to install more electrical and electronic devices, which ultimately drives market in the automotive industry.

Commercial vehicles are estimated to be the second fastest market for thick film and shunt resistors. Even though commercial vehicle has limited safety and luxury features as compared to passenger cars, regulatory authorities of different countries are making significant upgrades in regulatory norms for this vehicle segment.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) is estimated to be the largest market. HEV has an internal combustion engine along with an electric propulsion system along with more installation of additional technologies such as regenerative braking, advanced motor assist, actuators, and automatic start/stop system.

Asia Oceania is expected to account for the largest market share during the forecast period. The growth is attributed to the presence of a large number of automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers in this region. Moreover, the upcoming smart cities projects in Asia Oceania countries, which are inclusive of commercial and residential projects that demand electrical products like switchgears, energy meters, smart meters, and industrial machinery, would drive the shunt resistor market in this region.

Key Market Players include Yageo (Taiwan), KOA Corporation (Japan), Panasonic (Japan), Vishay (US), ROHM Semiconductor (Japan), TE Connectivity (Switzerland), Bourns (US), Viking Tech Corporation (Taiwan), TT Electronics (UK).

Key Questions addressed by the report

·       Our study suggests that automotive is the largest end-user market for thick film and shunt resistors. What is the market size of the thick film and shunt resistor market across different regions in 2018? What would be the regional growth rate during the next seven years?

·       The study indicates that thick film resistor dominates the market at a global level. How do you see the existing and upcoming market trends in the next few years?

·       How much is the global market for resistors in 2018? What will be the market share of thick film and shunt resistors in the overall resistors market?

·       Which are the major applications of thick film and shunt resistors in automotive, electrical and electronics, and telecommunication industries?

·       What is the average cost of thick film and shunt resistors? Does it vary to a large extent with respect to its different applications? What would be the pricing trend for the next seven years?

1.     Introduction

1.1.  Market Definition

1.2.  Study Scope

1.3.  Study Period

1.4.  Market Stakeholders

2.     Research Methodology

2.1.  Secondary Research

2.2.  Primary Research

2.3.  Research Design

2.4.  Data Validation

2.5.  Limitations and Assumptions

3.     Market Dynamics

3.1.  Drivers

3.1.1.Rising Demand for High-Performance Electronic and Electrical Systems

3.1.2. Increasing Adoption of 4G/5G Networks

3.1.3.Increasing Demand for Premium and Luxury Vehicles

3.1.4.Increasing Adoption of Advanced Technologies in the Automotive Industry

3.2.  Challenges

3.2.1.Increasing Presence of Local Manufacturers

3.2.2.Falling Commodity Prices and Reduced Profit Margins

3.3.  Opportunities

3.3.1.Increasing Sales of Electric Vehicles

4.     Executive Summary

5.     Thick Film Resistor Market, By End-Use Industry

5.1.  Automotive

5.2.  Electrical & Electronics

5.3.  Telecommunication

6.     Thick Film Resistor Market, By Type

6.1.  Thick Film Power Resistor

6.2.  Shunt Resistor

7.     Thick Film Resistor Market for Electrical & Electronics Industry, By Type

7.1.  Thick Film Resistor

7.2.  Shunt Resistor

8.     Thick Film Resistor Market for Telecommunication Industry, By Type

8.1.  Thick Film Resistor

8.2.  Shunt Resistor

9.     Thick Film Resistor Market for Automotive Industry, By Type

9.1.  Thick Film Resistor

9.2.  Shunt Resistor

10. Thick Film Resistor Market for Automotive Industry, By Vehicle Type

10.1.                 Passenger Car

10.2.                 Commercial Vehicle

11. Thick Film Resistor Market for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, By Vehicle Type

11.1.                 Battery Electric Vehicle

11.2.                 Hybrid Electric Vehicle

11.3.                 Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

12. Thick Film Resistor Market, By Region

12.1.                 Asia Oceania

12.1.1.  China

12.1.2.  India

12.1.3.  Japan

12.1.4.  South Korea

12.2.                 Europe

12.2.1.  Germany

12.2.2.  France

12.2.3.  Spain

12.2.4.  Italy

12.2.5.  UK

12.2.6.  Russia

12.3.                 North America

12.3.1.  US

12.3.2.  Canada

12.3.3.  Mexico

12.4.                 Rest of the World

12.4.1.  Brazil

12.4.2.  South Africa

13. Company Profiles

13.1.                 Yageo

13.2.                 TE Connectivity

13.3.                 KOA Corporation

13.4.                 Panasonic

13.5.                 Vishay

13.6.                 ROHM Semiconductor

13.7.                 Viking Tech Corporation

13.8.                 Murata

13.9.                 TT Electroncs

13.10.              Bourns

*Company introduction, financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis

14. Conclusion and Recommendations

15. Appendix

15.1.                 About

15.2.                 Related Reports

15.3.                 Glossary

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