Automotive and Transportation Vehicle Control Unit Market

The Vehicle Control Unit Market is projected to grow at a CAGR 15.97% rate during the forecast period. Increasing emphasis on advanced and innovative vehicle electronics technologies in electric vehicles and electrification of automotive parts will create opportunities for OEMs to expand their revenue stream and geographical presence.

Software segment is estimated to be the fastest-growing market. Software can be reprogrammed over the air (OTA) using SOTA and FOTA protocols. Due to this, VCU is very flexible and can fit into any vehicle system with the help of required programming. Currently, all the VCU providers in the market are using their basic software in their VCUs. However, software can be reprogrammed easily using platforms such as MATLAB and Simulink. This makes the system much more flexible, as a company can roll out software updates over the air. Thus, just like most other electronic systems, hardware might get standardized in the future, and companies would roll out their software, designed predominantly for their vehicles. This would change the VCU market scenario in the future, as software with innovative technologies might get expensive, and hardware is expected to become cheaper.

The European region is estimated to be the second-fastest-growing market during the forecast period, after Asia Pacific. The region is a hub to major players such as Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), Continental AG (Germany), STMicroelectronics (Switzerland), IET SPA (Perugia), Rimac Automobili (Croatia), and AIM Technologies (England). Europe is a key region for innovations, significant R&D, and technological advancements in electric vehicles, vehicle electronics, advanced automotive systems, and charging solutions. Germany is the largest market in Europe, followed by France. Germany, which is said to be the automotive hub of the world, is home to many established vehicle as well as VCU manufacturers and also has a higher EV adoption rate. The increasing demand for advanced automotive features in electric vehicles and electrification of automotive components are driving the vehicle control unit market in Europe.

Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest-growing and the largest vehicle control unit market in the world. The market growth in the region can be attributed to the large electric vehicle sales volume in the region. Considering the large EV sales volume and continuous technological advancements in the battery management systems, automotive features, body control, and infotainment functions; and innovative charging solutions, China is expected to lead the vehicle control unit market in the Asia Pacific region.

Key Market Players include Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), Continental AG (Germany), Texas Instruments (US), Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan), and STMicroelectronics (Switzerland).

  1. Introduction
  2. Market Definition
  3. Study Scope
  4. Study Period
  5. Market Stakeholders
  6. Research Methodology
  7. Secondary Research
  8. Primary Research
  9. Research Design
  10. Data Validation
  11. Limitations and Assumptions
  12. Executive Summary
  13. Market Dynamics
  14. Drivers
  15. Growing Trend of Electric Vehicles
  16. Increasing Demand for Automation in Vehicles and Electrification of Automotive Parts
  17. Opportunities
  18. Increasing Demand for Innovative Technologies
  19. Customizable and Standardized VCU Software
  20. Challenges
  21. Possibility of Complete Failure
  22. High Investments Required
  23. Vehicle Control Unit Market, By Vehicle Type
  24. Commercial Vehicle
  25. Passenger Car
  26. Vehicle Control Unit Market, By Propulsion
  27. BEV
  28. HEV
  29. PHEV
  30. Vehicle Control Unit Market, By Capacity
  31. 16-Bit
  32. 32-Bit
  33. 64-Bit
  34. Vehicle Control Unit Market, By Voltage
  35. 12/24V
  36. 36/48V
  37. Vehicle Control Unit Market, By Offering
  38. Hardware
  39. Software
  40. Vehicle Control Unit Market, By Electric Two-Wheeler
  41. E-Scooter/Moped
  42. E-Motorcycle
  43. Vehicle Control Unit Market, By Off-Highway Electric Vehicle Type
  44. Mining
  45. Construction
  46. Agriculture
  47. Vehicle Control Unit Market, By Communication Technology
  48. CAN (Controller Area Network)
  49. LIN (Local Interconnect Network)
  50. Flexray
  51. Ethernet
  52. Vehicle Control Unit Market, By Function
  53. Autonomous Driving/ADAS
  54. Predictive Technology
  55. Vehicle Control Unit Market, By Region
  56. Asia Pacific
  57. China
  58. Japan
  59. India
  60. South Korea
  61. Europe
  62. France
  63. Germany
  64. Spain
  65. Austria
  66. Norway
  67. Sweden
  68. Switzerland
  69. Netherlands
  70. Denmark
  71. North America
  72. US
  73. Canada
  74. Company Profiles
  75. Robert Bosch GmbH
  76. Continental AG
  77. Texas Instruments
  78. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  79. STMicroelectronics
  80. Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
  81. Iet Spa
  82. Pi Innovo
  83. Embitel
  84. Rimac Automobili
  85. Pues Corporation
  86. Aim Technologies

*Company introduction, financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis

  1. Conclusion and Recommendations
  2. Appendix
  3. About
  4. Related Reports
  5. Glossary

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