Semiconductor and Electronics Video Surveillance Market

The growth of this market can be attributed to the increasing concerns for public safety and security, rising adoption of IP cameras, and growing demand for DIY and spy cameras.

The market for IP video surveillance systems is expected to grow at a higher CAGR. The market for IP video surveillance systems is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the near future owing to the technological advancements in IP cameras and advantages offered by IP cameras such as superior image quality, scalability, and flexibility, and reliability.

The hardware segment is expected to lead the market during the forecast period. The hardware segment consists of cameras, monitors, storage devices, and accessories. The hardware segment mainly consists of cameras, monitors, storages, and accessories. The growth of the hardware segment is attributed to the increasing use of cameras in various security-related applications.

Commercial vertical is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. The growth of this vertical is attributed to the increasing use of video surveillance systems in applications such as retail stores and malls, enterprise and data centers, banking and financial buildings, hospitality centers, and warehouses. Retail stores and malls are likely to be the fastest-growing applications in the market. Retail shops and malls are more prone to security risks, such as theft, accidental loss, product diversion, vandalism, and inventory loss, compared to other business properties.

APAC is expected to grow at the highest CAGR in the market during the forecast period. The use of security cameras is expected to increase in APAC countries as these are emerging economies with a growing number of manufacturing bases, and the terrorist attack is a strong possibility. Moreover, the market for video surveillance is expected to witness an upsurge in APAC owing to the increased security concerns in APAC countries such as India and China.

Key market players include Hikvision (China), Dahua (China), Axis Communications (Sweden), Bosch Security Systems (Germany), FLIR (US), Avigilon (Canada), Hanwha Techwin (South Korea), Honeywell Security Group (US), Infinova (US), Pelco (US), BCD Video (US), CP Plus (India), Nice Systems (Israel), Panasonic (Japan), Tiandy (China), Uniview (China), Vivotek (Taiwan), and Zicom (India).

1.      Introduction

1.1.   Market Definition

1.2.   Study Scope

1.3.   Study Period

1.4.   Market Stakeholders

2.      Research Methodology

2.1.   Secondary Research

2.2.   Primary Research

2.3.   Research Design

2.4.   Data Validation

2.5.   Limitations and Assumptions

3.      Market Dynamics

3.1.   Drivers

3.1.1. Increasing Concerns for Public Safety and Security

3.1.2. Growing Adoption of IP Cameras

3.1.3. Growing Demand for Diy and Spy Cameras

3.2.   Challenges

3.2.1. Violation of Privacy

3.2.2. Requirement of High-Capacity Storage Systems and Higher Bandwidth

3.2.3. Cybersecurity Threats

3.3.   Opportunities

3.3.1. Growing Government and Stakeholder Funding for Developing Smart Cities and Employing City Surveillance Solutions

3.3.2. Rising Demand for VSaaS Services

3.3.3. Ongoing Technological Advancements in Big Data, Video Analytics, IoT, and Cloud-Based Services

4.      Executive Summary

5.      Video Surveillance Market, By System

5.1.   Analog video surveillance system

5.2.   IP video surveillance system

6.      Video Surveillance Market, By Offering

6.1.   Hardware

6.1.1. Camera             By Type (Analog, IP)             By Connectivity (wired, wireless)             By form (dome, PTZ, box & bullet, panaromic, fisheye & bodyworn)             By resolution (0.3 to 1, 1 to 3, 3 to 5, more than 5 MP)             By channel partner (distributors, director to integrators, direct to end users)

6.1.2. Monitor             Less than 20 inches             20 to 30 inches

6.1.3. Storage device             Digital video recorder             Network video recorder             Hybrid video recorder             IP storage area network             Direct-attached storage devices             Network-attached storage devices

6.2.   Accessories

6.2.1. Cables

6.2.2. Encoders

6.3.   Software

6.3.1. Video analytics

6.3.2. Video management software

6.4.   Services

6.4.1. VSaaS             Hosted             Manged             Hybrid

6.4.2. Installation and maintenance

7.      Video Surveillance Market, By Vertical  

7.1.   Commercial

7.1.1. Enterprise and data centers

7.1.2. Banking and finance buildings

7.1.3. Hospitality centers

7.1.4. Retail stores and malls

7.1.5. Warehouses

7.2.   Infrastructure

7.2.1. Transportation

7.2.2. City surveillance

7.2.3. Public places

7.2.4. Utilities

7.3.   Military and defense

7.3.1. Prison and correction facilities

7.3.2. Border surveillance

7.3.3. Coastal surveillance

7.3.4. Law enforcement

7.4.   Residential

7.5.   Public facility

7.5.1. Healthcare facilities

7.5.2. Educational facilities

7.5.3. Government facilities

7.5.4. Religious facilities

7.6.   Industrial

8.      Video Surveillance Market, By Region

8.1.   North America

8.1.1. US

8.1.2. Canada

8.1.3. Mexico

8.2.   Europe

8.2.1. UK

8.2.2. Germany

8.2.3. France

8.2.4. Rest of Europe

8.3.   Asia Pacific

8.3.1. Japan

8.3.2. China

8.3.3. India

8.3.4. South Korea

8.3.5. Rest of APAC

8.4.   Rest of the World

8.4.1. Latin America

8.4.2. Middle East and Africa

9.      Company Profiles

9.1.   Leading Companies in Video Surveillance Market

9.1.1. Hikvision

9.1.2. Dahua

9.1.3. Axis Communications

9.1.4. Bosch Security Systems

9.1.5. Flir

9.1.6. Avigilon

9.1.7. Hanwha Techwin

9.1.8. Honeywell Security Group

9.1.9. Infinova

9.1.10.   Pelco

9.2.   Other Companies in Video Surveillance Market

*Company introduction, financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis

10.  Conclusion and Recommendations

11.  Appendix


11.2.Related Reports


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