Aerospace and Defence Actuators Market

Factors such as need to increase productivity & reduce downtime in industrial facilities & manufacturing activities worldwide, the development of advanced & cost-effective actuators and increasing demand for industrial robots & process automation in different industrial verticals are expected to drive the market.

The linear segment is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Linear actuators are used primarily in automation applications. They are used in a wide range of industries where positioning is needed. The given market is segmented into linear and rotary.

The actuators market has been segmented into industrial automation and robotics. The robotic segment is expected be have the highest growth because industries such as automotive and electrical & electronics have shown higher adoption of robots. Other sectors such as pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, and food & beverages are expected to incline more towards the use of robots by increasing adoption of robots by small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The electrical actuation segment is estimated to hold the largest share. The growth of the electrical actuation segment can be attributed to the replacement of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators by electrical actuators due to their higher efficiency and greater levels of control. The amount of energy consumed in hydraulic and pneumatic actuators is higher than that by electrical actuators.

The Asia Pacific region projected to grow at the highest rate owing to China and Japan which are primarily investing in automation to enhance and gain a tactical edge and the development of advanced & cost-effective actuators, and increasing demand for industrial robots and industrial automation in different industrial verticals.

Key Market Players includes ABB (Switzerland), Rockwell Automation (US), Altra Industrial Motion (US), Moog (US), SMC (Japan), Curtiss Wright (US), and MISUMI (Japan), among others.

Key Questions addressed by the report

·       How will the drivers, challenges, and future opportunities for the actuators market affect its dynamics and the subsequent market analysis of the associated trends?

·       What are the key sustainability strategies adopted by leading players operating in the actuators market?

·       What are the new emerging technologies and use cases disrupting the industry?

·       When are the high growth niche segments expected to impact in changing the revenue mix of companies?

·       Who are the key players and innovators in the partnership ecosystem?

·       How is the competitive landscape changing in the client ecosystem and impacting their revenue share?

1. Introduction

1.1.  Market Definition

1.2.  Study Scope

1.3.  Study Period

1.4.  Market Stakeholders

2.  Research Methodology

2.1.  Secondary Research

2.2.  Primary Research

2.3.  Research Design

2.4.  Data Validation

2.5.  Limitations and Assumptions

3.  Executive Summary

4.  Market Dynamics

4.1.  Drivers

4.1.1. Ongoing Technological Advancements in Actuators

4.1.2. Increasing Number of Air Passengers and New Aircraft Deliveries

4.1.3. Growing Investments to Carry Out Process Automation in End-Use Industries of

Emerging Economies

4.2.  Restraints

4.2.1. Continuous Upheavals in the Oil & Gas Industry and Volatility in the Price of Crude Oil

4.3.  Opportunities

4.3.1. Demand for New and Advanced Actuators in Different Verticals

4.3.2. Development of Smart Cities Across the Globe

4.4.  Challenges

4.4.1. Power Consumption, Noise, and Leakage Issues

5.  Actuators Market, By Actuation

5.1.  Electrical

5.2.  Hydraulic

5.3.  Pneumatic

5.4.  Others

6.  Actuators Market, By Application

6.1.  Industrial Automation

6.2.  Robotics

6.2.1. Industrial robots

6.2.2. Service robots

6.3.  Vehicles and Equipment

7.  Actuators Market, By Type

7.1.  Linear Actuators

7.1.1. Rod type linear actuators

7.1.2. Screw type linear actuators

7.1.3. Belt type linear actuators

7.2.  Rotary actuators

7.2.1. Motors

7.2.2. Bladder and vane

7.2.3. Piton type

8.  Actuators Market, By Vertical

8.1.  Food & Beverages

8.2.  Oil & Gas

8.3.  Metals, Mining, and Machinery

8.4.  Power Generation

8.5.  Chemicals, Paper, and Plastics

8.6.  Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

8.7.  Automotive

8.8.  Aerospace & Defense

8.9.  Marine

8.10. Electronics & Electrical

8.11.  Construction    

8.12.  Utilities

8.13.  Household & Entertainment

8.14.  Agriculture

9.  Actuators Market, By Valves

9.1.  Globe valves

9.2.  Ball valves

9.3.  Butterfly valves

9.4.  Safety valves

9.5.  Plug valves

9.6.  Others

10. Regional Analysis

10.1.  North America

10.1.1.  US

10.1.2.  Canada

10.1.3.  Mexico

10.2.  Europe

10.2.1.  Germany

10.2.2.  France

10.2.3.  UK

10.2.4.  Italy

10.2.5.  Switzerland

10.2.6.  Rest of Europe

10.3.  Asia Pacific

10.3.1.  China

10.3.2.  Japan

10.3.3.   India

10.3.4.  South Korea

10.3.5.  Taiwan

10.3.6.  Rest of Asia Pacific

10.4.  Rest of the World(ROW)

10.4.1.  Middle East

10.4.2.  Latin America

10.4.3.  Africa

11. Company Profiles

11.1.  Rockwell Automation

11.2.  Moog

11.3.  SMC

11.4.  Curtis Wright (Exlar)

11.5.  ABB

11.6.  IMI PLC

11.7.  Altra Industrial Motion

11.8.  Tolomatic

11.9.  Venture Mfg. Co.

11.10.  IAI

11.11.  SKF

11.12.  Harmonic Drive LLC

11.13.  Nook Industries, Inc.

11.14.  Kollmorgen

*Company introduction, financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis

12. Appendix

12.1.  About

12.2.  Related Reports

12.3. Glossary

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