Aerospace and Defence Weapons Carriage & Release System Market

The Weapons Carriage & Release System Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR 2.59% rate from 2021 to 2026. The increasing induction of new airborne platforms, rising demand for pneumatic release systems, and growing use of different ranges and types of missiles have led to the growth in demand for weapons carriage & release systems.Missiles are anticipated to witness the highest demand during the forecast period. There is increasing use of different ranges and types of missiles, due to which the demand for missile-related carriage & release systems is expected to increase. There has also been an increase in the adoption of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles with extended ranges in fighter aircraft. Additionally, the fifth-generation aircraft has been using a new range of adapters for the carriage of missiles.

The OEM segment is expected to capture a larger market share due to the increasing inventory of newly inducted airborne platforms. These airborne platforms have increasing applications in anti-submarine warfare, air-to-ground support, and air defense roles. Moreover, the development of a new range of missiles, such as beyond visual range missiles and anti-radiation missiles, for newly inducted platforms has also contributed to the demand for OEMs.

Europe is expected to grow significantly due to a rise in the deployment of fighter aircraft, such as Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, Saab Gripen, and F-35, in various European countries, including the UK, Italy, Turkey, and Finland. The induction of UAVs loaded with missiles and bombs for combat roles has also led to an increase in demand for weapons carriage & release systems in Europe.

Key Market Players includes Harris Corporation (US), Ultra Electronics (US), Marvin Group (US), Marotta Controls (US), Moog Inc. (US), RUAG Group (Switzerland), Systima Technologies, Inc. (US), Raytheon Company (US), Cobham plc (UK), ALKAN (France), and RAFAUT Group (France).

Key Questions Addressed by the Report

  • What is the growth prospect of the weapons carriage & release system market and the key dynamics and trends governing the market?
  • What are key sustainability strategies adopted by the leading players in the market?
  • What are the new and emerging technologies and use cases disrupting the market?
  • What are the new products developed by companies in the market?
  • What are the new ranges of platforms where these systems will be adopted in the next five years?

  1. Introduction
  2. Market Definition
  3. Study Scope
  4. Study Period
  5. Market Stakeholders
  6. Research Methodology
  7. Secondary Research
  8. Primary Research
  9. Research Design
  10. Data Validation
  11. Limitations and Assumptions
  12. Executive Summary
  13. Market Dynamics
  14. Drivers
  15. Growing Aircraft Fleets Across the Globe
  16. Development of Fifth-Generation Fighter Aircraft By Various Countries
  17. Increasing Demand for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  18. Opportunities
  19. Development of Common and Scalable Launch Systems
  20. Challenges
  21. Reducing Performance Failures
  22. Decreasing Defense Budgets Due to Economic Slowdown
  23. Weapons Carriage & Release System Market, By Platform
  24. Fighter Jets
  25. Combat Support Aircraft
  26. Helicopters
  27. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS)
  28. Weapons Carriage & Release System Market, By Weapon Type
  29. Missiles
  30. Air-to-air
  31. Air-to-ground
  32. Bombs
  33. Rockets
  34. Torpedoes
  35. Weapons Carriage & Release System Market, By Systems Component
  36. Carriage Systems
  37. Racks
  38. single
  39. Multiple
  40. Rail launchers
  41. Single
  42. Multiple
  43. Adapters
  44. Pylons
  45. Release Systems
  46. Ejection unit
  47. Pyrotechnic
  48. Pneumatic
  49. Electromechanical
  50. Control unit
  51. Weapons Carriage & Release System Market, By End Use
  52. OEM
  53. Aftermarket
  54. Weapons Carriage & Release System Adjacent Market, By Payload
  55. Fuel Tanks
  56. Sonobuoys
  57. Electronic Pods
  58. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  59. Regional Analysis
  60. North America
  61. US
  62. Europe
  63. UK
  64. Germany
  65. Russia
  66. Sweden
  67. Italy
  68. Rest of Europe
  69. Asia Pacific
  70. China
  71. Australia
  72. Japan
  73. South Korea
  74. Rest of Asia Pacific
  75. Middle East
  76. Saudi Arabia
  77. Israel
  78. Turkey
  79. Rest of the World
  80. Latin America
  81. Africa
  82. Company Profiles
  83. Cobham PLC
  84. Raytheon Company
  85. Harris Corporation
  86. Ultra Electronics
  87. Marvin Group
  88. Marotta Controls
  89. Rafaut Group
  90. Moog, Inc.
  91. Ruag Group
  92. Ferra Engineering Pty Ltd
  93. Systima Technologies Inc
  94. Alkan

*Company introduction, financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis

  1. Conclusion and Recommendations
  2. Appendix
  3. About
  4. Related Reports
  5. Glossary

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