Aerospace and Defence Weather Forecasting Systems Market

The Weather Forecasting Systems Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR 8.17% rate from 2021 to 2026. The market is fuelled by rising demand for weather forecasting using big data analytics and increase in climate change patterns resulting in uncertainties related to rainfall.

The software solution segment is estimated to grow at the highest rate. The weather forecasting software integrates a complex network of systems that gather and consolidate meteorological, hydrological, satellite, and radar data to predict the weather for specific locations. This enables highly accurate weather predictions for the issuance of increasingly reliable weather warnings and advisories by the concerned agencies.

The weather stations segment is projected to have the largest market share in the weather forecasting systems market. Weather stations application market is projected to lead the weather forecasting systems market owing to the significant numbers of installations of personal weather stations, professional weather stations, and home weather stations across the globe.

North America is expected to have the largest market share in the weather forecasting systems market. North America market is driven majorly by the increased demand for highly accurate weather forecasting systems for aviation and commercial applications. The region is considered to be the largest developer, operator, and exporter of weather forecasting systems. The US and Canada are investing increasingly for the enhancement of their respective weather forecasting agencies.

Key players in the weather forecasting systems market include The Weather Company (US), Vaisala (Finland), Sutron Corporation (US), Campbell Scientific (US), Airmar Technology Corporation (US), All Weather, Inc. (US), Morcom International (US), Columbia Weather Systems (US), G. Lufft Mess-und Regeltechnik (Germany), and Skye Instruments (UK), among others.

Key Questions Addressed by the Report

  • What is the growth perspective of the weather forecasting systems market?
  • What are the key dynamics and trends governing the market?
  • What are the key sustainability strategies adopted by the leading players in the weather forecasting systems market?
  • What are the new and emerging technologies disrupting the weather forecasting systems market?
  • What are the most promising weather forecasting systems procured by various industries?

1.     Introduction

1.1.  Market Definition

1.2.  Study Scope

1.3.  Study Period

1.4.  Market Stakeholders

2.     Research Methodology

2.1.  Secondary Research

2.2.  Primary Research

2.3.  Research Design

2.4.  Data Validation

2.5.  Limitations and Assumptions

3.     Market Dynamics

3.1.  Drivers

3.1.1.Increasing Demand for Weather Forecasting Using Big Data Analytics

3.1.2.Rise in Climate Change Patterns Resulting in Uncertainties Related to Rainfall

3.1.3.Increased Need for Continuous Weather Monitoring to Enable Disaster Management

3.1.4.Increasing use of Small Satellites for Climate and Storm Research

3.2.  Challenges

3.2.1.Significant Complexity in Weather Forecasting Processes

3.2.2.Weather Forecast-Related Inaccuracies

3.3.  Opportunities

3.3.1.Increasing Computing Capabilities of Supercomputers for Weather Forecasting

3.3.2.Enhancing Accuracy of Long-Range Weather Forecasting

3.3.3.Incorporation of High-End Radars and Satellites in Weather Monitoring

4.     Industry Trends

4.1.  Internet of Things

4.2.  Artificial Intelligence

4.3.  Big Data Analytics

4.4.  Supercomputers

4.5.  Next Generation Radar Technology

4.6.  Big Weather Data Analytics

4.7.  Intelligent Weather Predicting Modules

5.     Executive Summary

6.     Weather Forecasting Systems Market, By Solution

6.1.  Hardware




6.1.4.Rain gauges


6.1.6.Communication and data loggers

6.1.7.Sounding systems and radiosondes

6.1.8.Weather radars

6.1.9.Satellite sensors

6.1.10.  Others

6.2.  Software

6.2.1.Data collection and processing software

6.2.2.Weather monitoring and display software


6.2.4.Big data analytics


7.     Weather Forecasting Systems Market, By Application

7.1.  Weather satellites

7.2.  Weather observing systems

7.3.  Weather stations

7.4.  Weather drones

7.5.  Weather balloons

7.6.  Airborne Lidar

7.7.  others

8.     Weather Forecasting Systems Market, By Vertical 

8.1.  Agriculture

8.2.  Aviation

8.3.  Transportation and logistics

8.4.  Oil and gas

8.5.  Marine

8.6.  Renewable energy

8.7.  Military

8.8.  Meteorology

8.9.  Weather service providers

8.10.                 others

9.     Weather Forecasting Systems Market, By Forecast Type 

9.1.  Nowcast

9.2.  Short-range

9.3.  Medium-range

9.4.  Extended-range

9.5.  Long-range

10. Weather Forecasting Systems Market, By Region

10.1.                 North America

10.1.1.  US

10.1.2.  Canada

10.2.                 Europe

10.2.1.   Spain

10.2.2.   Germany

10.2.3.   France

10.2.4.   Italy

10.2.5.   UK

10.2.6.  Rest of Europe

10.3.                 Asia Pacific

10.3.1.   Japan

10.3.2.   China

10.3.3.   India

10.3.4.   Australia

10.3.5.   South Korea

10.3.6.  Rest of APAC

10.4.                 Middle East

10.4.1.   Israel

10.4.2.   UAE

10.4.3.   Saudi Arabia

10.4.4.  Rest of ME

10.5.                 Rest of the World

11. Company Profiles

11.1.                 Leading Companies in Weather Forecasting Systems Market

11.1.1.  The Weather Company

11.1.2.  Vaisala Oyj

11.1.3.  Accuweather, Inc.

11.1.4.  Meteogroup

11.1.5.  Sutron Corporation

11.1.6.  Raytheon

11.1.7.  Campbell Scientific

11.1.8.  All Weather, Inc.

11.1.9.  Airmar Technology Corporation

11.1.10.                   Morcom International

11.1.11.                   Met One Instrument, Inc.

11.1.12.                   Hoskin Scientific

11.2.                 Other Companies in Weather Forecasting Systems Market

*Company introduction, financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis

12. Conclusion and Recommendations

13. Appendix

13.1.                 About

13.2.                 Related Reports

13.3.                 Glossary

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