Creative development in technology is swapping the world of dentistry and taking the profession to the next supreme level. As technology is changing the dental lab industry, each dentist feels the necessity to upgrade his or her practice by embracing the new digital dentistry. There is a necessity to advance the quality of your treatment in path with modern trend and that begins with enhancing the dental lab with upgraded tools and equipment.

Advances in Dental Lab Technology

Most of the technological upgradation in the dentistry have happened in the dental lab. Like digital imaging, 3D imaging had made a great impact on the dental labs. Along with it more use of durable, better looking materials have completed changed the quality of resulting product and services.

Some of the specific advances are:

  • Increased use of ceramic restorations
  • Emergence of three laser-sintering systems
  • Technology with custom milled abutment options
  • Electroforming equipment and machines
  • Rapid-wax machine prototype
  • Laser-welding systems

Benefits of advancement in the dental lab

This technology advancement in the dental lab have benefited both the dentist and patients. For dentists they are able to provide more efficient services with good quality of treatment and provide durable and pleasing products. Patients get the benefit of having a high-quality treatment that lasts longer also with a cost-effective means. 

The emergence of CAD, CAM & other advanced imaging technology has made it feasible for the patients to know the results for their test immediately, rather than waiting for days and hours. This reduces the additional trips of patients to the dentist.

With the decreased in waiting time, patients can also enjoy better looking teeth treatment which gives a realistic look. This natural look of teeth is pleasant, comfortable and fits just as a real tooth in the patient’s mouth.

Future trends in dental-lab technology:

Emergence of CAD/CAM:

The digital evolution has also reached the dental world. The utilization of CAD/CAM in dental laboratories makes work more orderly than ever before. The processing steps are reduced and simplified and process safety is increased at the same time.

Increased process safety and more reliable results

Ensure that the overall work processes and thus your results are as reliable as possible and predictable regarding quality and processes. Using integrated products and systems helps in having more reliability and confirmed tests and studies. Avoid using products or machines in your working processes which are not indicated or give permission to be used together. Avoid unnecessary experiments for better safety.

Work with more efficiency 

Slineup all your daily routine and your working procedures by introducing more efficiency in your laboratory. Keep on checking whether you are using products and products systems which are flexible in their application.


Technology and staying in a row of it will be a notable issue, especially in the coming months and years. The dental labs have established a solid reputation of issuing the patients with the most beautiful teeth. The accomplishment of the latest technology in dentistry had made it possible to high bars in the healthcare technological advancement.

Dental Lab Market: 6.3% CAGR

Projected Revenue: 42.4 billion from 2021 to 2027

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Published Date : March-2021

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