Semiconductor and Electronics Air Quality monitoring System and Its growing Popularity

Air Quality monitoring System and Its growing Popularity

Air consists of a mixture of gases, small particles and liquids. The Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS) is a facility for the continuous measurement of wind speed, direction, other weather parameters, air pollutant concentration and particulate matter throughout the year. Mobile AQMS can also be customized to monitor multiple sites over a single system. Some products derived from natural sources and others from human activity. Air is said to be polluted when the content of the air causes harm to the comfort or health of humans and animals, or may even cause damage to plants and other materials. These are called air contaminants, which may either be dust, liquids or gasses. Air quality monitoring is required to assess levels of pollution and ensure compliance with either national legislation, or international regulations.

Benefits of Air Quality Monitoring System:

The presented AQM system utilizes a wireless sensor network that is inexpensive and provides efficient monitoring of air pollution.

The goal of AQM is to protect the environment and minimize the harmful effects of air pollution. There are multiple methods that can be used to assess a variety of pollutants depending on the accuracy of the data. These include a number of passive sampling techniques as well as costly sophisticated remote sensing devices.

The AQM system should inform citizens regarding the concentration of different gases in the air, and should provide an environmental awareness to keep air quality high.

A WSN could be deployed to continually monitor air quality in a city. Air quality information is gathered and presented to the user in a visual, easily understandable way. It enables citizens to take appropriate preventative measures.

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The need to implement the Air quality monitoring system is to develop technical solutions and raise public awareness of the environment. Here as result, several techniques and technologies have been introduced to monitor air quality

Published Date : May-2021