Medical Devices Apheresis technology : A Special kind of blood donation

Apheresis technology : A Special kind of blood donation

What is Apheresis?

Blood contains many things such as plasma, red blood cells, platelets and different types of white blood cells. Apheresis is the process of taking blood from a donor and separated into its many different components. The required component is collected separately and remaining components including plasma are retransformed to the donor at the same time. For this separation the cell separator machine is used in which blood goes into the machine and spins so fast after this blood is separated into different layers by its density. The blood is moved into a disposable kit so it can not be contacted with a machine and hence no risk of the donor receiving any blood borne infection from any other donor. 

Different process of blood component separation:

Plasmapheresis: Separation of Plasma 

Plateletpheresis: Removing of platelets component from blood

Erythropheresis: Removal of Red blood cells

Leukapheresis: Removal of White blood cells

Protein apheresis: Separation of Blood cell and plasma

Benefits It can Bring:

Patients receive blood from one donor because of this minimize the risk of blood borne infection. 

Apheresis technology is used not only for production of single donor blood products but also for treatment of patients who have different disease conditions.

Apheresis procedure is done under trained staff who observe the patient throughout the procedure so minimize the risk and provide full safety to the patient

Patient who have low count of platelets and whiite cell and patient who have infection and any heart, lungs and blood issue are not approved for procedure

The entire process is safe and painless, many precautions are taken during the apheresis procedure. The equipment used for this procedure is sterilized and destroyed after each procedure.

Small amount of component is require or collected during the procedure so it minimizes the risk bleeding and provide safety to donor 

Increasing the number of patients who are suffering from many diseases such as blood, lungs, kidney and more will increase the demand for Apheresis procedure which reduces the count of white cells and still other medicine can control them.   

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Apheresis process is safe and uses a standard, high quality of machine and product. It minimizes the risk of bleeding because only a small amount of blood is required and the human body will replace the donated platelets within two days.

Published Date : May-2021