Are Ambulatory Surgery Centers the Future of Ambulatory Care?

What is Ambulatory Centers:

Ambulatory surgery centres, or ASCs, are places where procedures are conducted without the need for hospital admission. It provides more cost-effective facilities and a more comfortable, less stressful atmosphere than many hospitals. Patients who want to have surgery in ambulatory surgery centres arrive on the day of their operation, have surgery in a professionally equipped operating room, and recover under the supervision of highly trained nurses, all without having to remain in the hospital. Patients and their families benefit from the pleasant environment offered by ASCs, whether they are young or old, or somewhere in between. ASCs may conduct procedures in a number of specialties or specialise in one, such as eye care or sports medicine.

Advantages of Ambulatory Surgical Centers:

In many cases, the outpatient procedure in the ASC costs between one-half and one-third as much as the same procedure in the hospital.

As compared to the admissions process at most hospitals, an ambulatory surgical system has less administrative paperwork and government regulations. Patients often appreciate how easily they can leave an ASC after their surgery, which means less time away from work.

In a specialist ASC, planning an operating room for the next patient takes far less time than in a conventional hospital. Because of the improved performance, the surgeon can handle many patients in the same period of time as he or she does in a hospital; some surgeons say that they can conduct three times as many procedures in an ASC as they could in a hospital.

Unlike other hospitals, which hold patients recovering from surgical operations in separate rooms, an ASC allows patients to spend their recovery time with their loved ones.

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Ambulatory surgery centres are showing great potential to address the challenges of the health care system in terms of cost, efficiency and patient satisfaction. Health care leaders would be wise to recognise the opportunities and work with government officials to pass legislation that favours ASCs.

Published Date : May-2021

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