Are Biosimilars exactly the same as the biologic?

What are Biologic and Biosimilars?

Biologics or biological products are medicines produced by highly complex processing processes from living organisms and must be treated and administered under closely controlled conditions. A broad range of products such as gene and cell therapies, therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines contain biologics. A number of illnesses, including cancer, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and autoimmune disorders, are prevented, treated or healed by biologics.

Biosimilars are not experimental drugs, but rather copies of biological drugs used for the treatment of many diseases and conditions. Biosimilars are extremely similar in safety, purity and potency to the reference product, but may have small variations in the clinically inactive components. 

Advantages of Biosimilars:

Branded medicines are either synthetic, which means that they are made from a chemical process, or biological, which means that they are made from living sources. It is possible to precisely reproduce synthetic branded drugs into more affordable generic versions, but since biologics require big, complex molecules, they can not.

There are several biologic drugs that are currently being used to treat cancer, such as targeted or immunotherapy drugs, and some have biosimilar versions accessible. In order to treat some cancer forms, certain biosimilar medications have been approved and some have also been approved to better control side effects.

There are currently six biosimilars licensed for use in the U.S. for patients with inflammatory diseases, but only two of these are partially available because manufacturers' lawsuits hinder the marketing of the others.

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Biosimilars are perfectly stable. Any prescription that has been approved by the FDA for your use must follow very high safety standards. This includes biologics and all biosimilars. They are prescription drugs, so the FDA controls how they are made and distributed to you in the United States.

Published Date : May-2021

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