The endodontics treatment is lesser known part of the dentistry and therefore lot of people are unaware about its broad ranging purpose. This branch of dentistry mainly focuses while treating the diseases and injuries that falls in the soft tissues inside a tooth that is called dental pulp. If this dental pulp is infected, it can cause some critical issues. The most known endodontics treatment is “root canal”. In this process of the infected pulp is being removed so as to make the tooth disinfected and clean. Later this clean tooth is being filled and sealed to safeguard the inner layer of tooth.

Why should one choose endodontist treatment?

There are many treatments available in the dentistry that can cut down your pain by directly removing a tooth, but what endodontics treatment unique is that, it holds on and provide medication to the original teeth, rather than plucking the teeth off. It provides treatment to make the inner part of tooth i.e. dental pulp stronger. Keeping the original tooth helps to maintain the natural look and appearance, makes chewing easier, maintains the normal impact when you take a bite and protects nearby teeth from excess wear and strain. 

Benefits of endodontics treatment:

Free from Unwanted Tooth Pain:

If you are going through a tooth pain, there are only two ways of trading with the difficulty, i.e. either through endodontic treatment or by tooth eradication. By going through endodontics treatment, it will always aim to be conservative and save as much of your natural tooth form as possible. The root canal therapy in the endodontics treatment has saved many teeth for patients not wanting to undergo a tooth extraction.

Sustain the Bone and Jaw form:

When we lose tooth, our overall jaw doesn’t get proper stimulation in that area, which thereafter leads to bone and tooth loss. The endodontics assists in keeping the natural tooth in place and safeguards the natural shape and structure of your jaw and face.

Secure and Effective:

Root canal procedure has been one of the old forms of treatment and had done for decades as a routine procedure by the dentists. The endodontist specializes in endodontics and work deeper for pulling out any infected pulp and seal the tooth to minimize the chances of future infection. The endodontist assists in blocking the tooth loss and tooth removal in a safe, clean, and supportive environment.

Recent technological trends in the endodontics:

Advanced dentistry technologies in conjunction with cutting-edge clinical education have made learning the time-tested Endodontic Triad possible. The major new technology trends are:

Cleansing the harder root canal system using the EndoActivator (Dentsply Sirona), lasers, and multisonic ultracleaning.

Molding and shaping of teeth is possible with specialized heat-treated files such as ProTaper Gold and WaveOne Gold  to generate proper sized, minimally invasive, smooth-tapered walled preparations that were previously rare to find and often unattainable. 

Obturation is gaining a lot of attention due to its precise, injection-molded micronized nanoflow system as well as next-generation carrier-based obturation. The inner layer of master cone and root canal sealer will be first blurred and then later will be eliminated. Bonding obturation materials and systems look promising but are without long-term proof of success.


Endodontics is the dental specialty that aims on the health of the dental pulp.  While there are treatments available that can replace an extracted tooth but in order to save an original tooth, it is essential to keep the dental pulp healthy. The increasing number of root canals and tooth diseases related to nerves, lymphatic tissues, etc. in the world are becoming the reason for increasing the demand for endodontics therapy. 

Endodontics Market: 5.4% CAGR

Projected Revenue: 2.104 billion from 2021 to 2027

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Published Date : March-2021

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