Healthcare How Glycomics Benefit in Biological Research?

How Glycomics Benefit in Biological Research?

What is Glycomics:

Glycomics is a branch of the glycobiology area that aims to identify the structure and function of the complete collection of glycans formed in a given cell or tissue and to identify all genes that contain glycoproteins. Glycans are commonly present in cells in the form of glycoproteins or glycolipids, where they are chemically attached to proteins or lipids, respectively.

Importance of Glycomics:

Almost all microbes and viruses that infect humans link to cells by binding to particular cell surface glycans. Glycomics and glycan collections will have a main impact on future studies to diagnose and prevent infectious diseases.

Since glycans are not synthesised using a template like nucleic acids and proteins, their expression and composition can differ dramatically depending on the local cellular context. Individual sugars can also be tied together in much more ways than nucleic acids and proteins, making synthetic and analytical efforts much more difficult. For these reasons, automated synthesis and databases are not as well established in glycomics as they are in genomics and proteomics, but these technologies are making rapid progress.

These glycans have an effect on a variety of physiological interactions, either directly or indirectly affecting cell function. In order to understand these functions, it is important to know the precise structure of glycans, their structural variability, their protein attachment sites, and the extent to which these sites are occupied.

Glycans are at the heart of many illnesses and diseases that give rise to the possibility of using them for medicinal and diagnostic purposes. There are several biochemical pathways and diseases that include glycans intricately. Sugars can affect physiological conditions in a variety of ways.

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Since sugars are so important in so many biological processes, the glycomics area is extremely multidisciplinary and has piqued the interest of researchers from all walks of life. Chains of sugars called glycans are used to play a role in any major disease and, as a results, there has been an increase of interest in investigating the therapeutic potential of glycomics.

Published Date : May-2021