Healthcare How Human leukocyte antigens testing is helpful for donor selection?

How Human leukocyte antigens testing is helpful for donor selection?

HLA stands for Human Leukocyte Antigens, which are immune system proteins that decide whether a patient will respond negatively to a donor transplant.

Classification of HLA molecules involved with HLA is divided into two groups-Class I and Class II.

Class I antigens are present on almost all the subsets of the lymphocytes, the ones expressing the highest amount of them are found on the T subset.

Class II antigens have a restricted distribution, appearing only in the B subset of lymphocytes, macrophages, and many other antigen-presenting cells.

How HLA typing test Benefits:

National and international agencies serve as intermediaries between donors and recipients, assisting in the procurement and distribution of donor organs and bone marrow for transplantation.

The human leukocyte antigen proteins have a key role in the early stages of the immune response

The determination of HLA phenotypes is also used for the development of vaccines, disease association studies and as companion diagnostics for the safe and effective use of therapeutic products.

The blood group and HLA types of all donors are stored in a central database in order to be able to determine compatibility for bone marrow transplantation.

The human leukocyte antigen type of cord blood is often measured by public banks, and the type is then entered into a register where patients seeking transplants can scan.

Advances in the X-ray crystallography and other protein study methods have demonstrated that the structure can also be used to define Class I and Class II antigens.

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Human Leukocyte Antigens is a next generation sequencing test that helps to find the best match for donor selection in allogeneic bone marrow and organ transplantation. The use of HLA antibodies in bone marrow and organ transplant triggered a rejection. Right analysis of the matched donor and recipient has a vital impact on the outcome of the transplantation.

Published Date : May-2021