How Open source service is User Friendly?

What is Open source Service?

Open Source is a concept originally referred to as open source software (OSS). Anyone can see, alter, and distribute open source software, which is code that is intended to be freely available. Open Source Software is produced in a decentralised and collaborative manner, based on peer review and community development. Open source software is also cheaper, more versatile, and has a longer lifespan than its proprietary peers because it is produced by groups rather than by a single author or organisation.

Examples of Open source Service:

  • Apache web server
  • Linux
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • VLC media player
  • SugarCRM
  • GIMP
  • LibreOffice
  • jQuery

Benefits of Open source Service:

Open source has become a trend and a way of working that goes beyond software development. The Open Source Movement uses the Open Source Software Values and Centralized Production Model to find new ways to solve problems in their societies and industries.

Many people prefer open source software because they have more control over this kind of software. They can look at the code and make sure it doesn't do something they don't want to do, and they can modify parts of it they don't like. Users who are not programmers often profit from open source software, since they can use this software for whatever reason they want—not just the way someone else feels they should.

Some people prefer open-source software because they consider it more reliable and safe than proprietary software. Since anyone can access and change open source software, anyone might see and fix mistakes or omissions that the original developers of the programme might have overlooked.

Open source software also encourages a group of users and developers to build around it. This is not limited to open source; many common applications are the topic of meetings and user groups.

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The open source development model is the process used by the open source community to create open source applications. The software is then published under an open source licence so that anyone may download or change the source code.

Published Date : May-2021

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