Information and Communication Technology Impact of Artificial Intelligent in Fashion Industry

Impact of Artificial Intelligent in Fashion Industry

How AI is being used in fashion?

AI is a branch of computer science that enables intelligent actions in computer-controlled machines to perform tasks that are close to those performed by humans. As Artificial Intelligence progresses, now is the best time for fashion brands to introduce it. Those that do not get on track now will actually understand the importance of AI too late, and fashion companies who use AI will have advanced the technology significantly.

AI in Fashion Industry will provide the following Advantages:

Customer personalization will be improved.

Enhanced customer service and gratification.

So better inventory management.

Reducing the workforce by automation.

Returned product is reduced greatly.

Benefits of Using AI in Fashion Industry:

In recent years, artificial intelligence technologies have transformed the fashion industry from every element of its value chain such as designing, manufacturing, logistics, marketing as well as sales.

 Fashion brands are using artificial intelligence (AI) to minimise the time needed to get information from the shopping experience, maximising the effectiveness of sales systems by intelligent automation, and maximise the effectiveness of the sales process using predictive analytics and automated processes.

By innovating the use of Artificial Intelligence, the wearable fashion industry is able to cut down on their workers' labour costs and increase efficiency.

 AI systems are being used to spot defects in fabric and ensure the colours of the finished textile match the colours in the original design that was drawn up. There are many AI technologies, such as computer vision technologies, which allow for the quality control processes to be streamlined.

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It is concluded that…

Artificial intelligence has many applications in the fashion industry, including the use of online fashion assistants to enhance customer engagement, trend analysis, and the creation of more sustainable solutions. As we transition into a more digital age, we must get the right message across to customers and enable them to engage in this debate.

Published Date : May-2021