Medical Devices Infusion Pump technology and Its Growing Challenges

Infusion Pump technology and Its Growing Challenges

What is an Infusion Pump?

An infusion pump is a type of pump that delivers fluids in a medical setting, these devices are commonly used to distribute nutrients and drugs. The infusion pump's rate must be programmed using software.

Types of Infusion Pump

Syringe Pump: Syringe pumps can distribute drugs in extremely small doses and have a reliable distribution over time.

Advanced Multi-channel Pumps: These multi-channel pumps have the benefit of being able to deliver multiple fluids at varying flow rates.

Volumetric Pumps: The pump has the advantage of being able to produce a large amount of fluid at a specific rate, while other pumps which have minimal or no use.

Ambulatory Pumps: Ambulatory pumps are lightweight and compact medical equipment. With recent advancements in medical sciences, there are situations where the caregiver has to travel to deliver drugs, and therefore needs a light and portable drug delivery device.

Gravity controlled pump: common simple pump most commonly seen during delivery of IV fluids. The flow rate can be changed by the regulator clamp, but a very precise control is not possible in this device.

Uses Of Infusion Pumps: 

Infusion pumps are better than manual fluid pumps because they can deliver fluids at precise frequencies, volumes and intervals.

These pumps can be used to supply drugs such as pain relievers, chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, and insulin, among many others.

One of the key aspects of these devices is the rates and feed intervals that should be carefully programmed. They can deliver nutrients or drugs, such as insulin or other hormones, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and pain relievers.

Infusion pumps may be capable of delivering fluids in large or small amounts and may be used to deliver nutrients or medicines such as insulin or other hormones, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and pain relievers.

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Infusion pumps deliver both drugs and nutrients in controlled quantities. These devices are available for treatment in all medical facilities, and they are operated by qualified medical professionals who know how to programme the length and rate of fluid delivery.

Published Date : May-2021