Information and Communication Technology Key growth drivers for Agriculture Analytics market

Key growth drivers for Agriculture Analytics market

What is Agriculture Analytics?    

Agriculture analytics, which is also a breakthrough use of science and technology throughout agriculture, includes smart farming. Agriculture analytics refers to the use of technologies like Big Data, IoT, and other analytics tools in agriculture. Government endeavours to implement modern agricultural techniques are a major growth factor for the agriculture analytics market. Furthermore, rising pressure to meet the world's expanding demand for food, combined with the need to improve agricultural production, is leading in the adoption of agriculture analytics and propelling the market's expansion. Agriculture analytics identify correlations between farm field and weather data, as well as commodity data, in order to optimise crop irrigation, fertilisation, and harvesting, as well as livestock feeding and transportation to market. The use of analytics techniques in agriculture provides a possibility for farmers to increase their economic gain by enduring a digital revolution.

The major benefits of Agriculture Analytics

Around the world, agriculture is the backbone of all economies. Population expansion, food security concerns, and climate change have all pushed the sector to seek out new and novel ways to safeguard and boost crop productivity.

Major technology companies, such as IBM, are aiding the expansion of the agriculture analytics business by providing bare metal servers in IBM Cloud data centres to farming analytics start-ups.

Researchers in agriculture are utilising artificial intelligence and data science to do on-farm predictive analytics before providing insights that are relevant in the farming field. The growing subscription-based business model attempts to reduce costs for farmers while also providing real-time crop alerts. Furthermore, prediction models and daily work optimization will offer them entire control over their harvest in the future.

Farmers can utilise the analytics as inputs to optimise their farming performance in response to varied weather occurrences or disease outbreaks because they provide real-time insights. Precision farming has resulted from the use of big data analytics in agriculture, saving farmers time and resources while also increasing yields.

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Conclusion: Agriculture analytics give farmers with risk assessment insights to help them boost agricultural productivity while mitigating farming risks. The agricultural analytics market scope analyses the adoption of several types of analytics technologies used by farms of various sizes. The market research focuses on the adoption of various solutions and services, as well as the various types of analytics component installations.

Published Date : October-2021