Information and Communication Technology Online Microtransaction and its growing challenge

Online Microtransaction and its growing challenge

What is Online Microtransaction?

The online microtransaction business model includes virtual goods and its associated services. Microtransactions are in-game purchases of virtual items for micro amounts of money. These often pop up in free-to-play games which do not have any cost for downloading the game and only involves the online price for virtual goods. Online microtransactions are done to unlock specific features or improve the special abilities, content or character in an online game. These transactions are commonly used in free-to-play games in order to provide revenue source for game developers.

Types of Business Application

  • Teenager

  • Adult

How is Online Microtransaction beneficial in different industries?

The companies deploying new loot box policies in order to compliance with the guidelines of the U.S. game industry trade group, the Entertainment Software Association is a major driver shaping the growth of online microtransaction market.

The video game industry is in an eternal state of change moreover the microtransactions have had the most prominent impact. Game developers have identified the benefits of this new revenue source. It is projected that only 5 to 20% of game communities take part in microtransactions and the amounts they spend differ. Executives at these companies focus on monetize the player base which is not partaking in the microtransaction community for driving further growth.

Furthermore, the rising graphics capabilities and new features for playing games in computers drives users to play more games which will boost the demand of online microtransaction market. 

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Conclusion: Microtransactions have had the most prominent effect on the video game market, which is continuously changing. With the increase of the gaming industry, the requirement for online microtransactions is rising. The use of microtransactions in the gaming and e-sports communities is shifting the way that game companies gain revenues, and enables greater flexibility for gamers and spectators of gamers alike to enjoy and interact with video games.

Published Date : August-2021