Digital Signage is bringing a new life to the commercial and business segment. This sort of digital signage is mainly designed to gain the attention of consumers and transform the message that are customized to improve their experience. A digital signage comes in different forms like images, graphics, texts, videos and many other contents. Usually the digital signages are displayed on LED screens, or Giant Video walls. This integrated technology takes the things to the next level that allows the customers to interact with the digital content which mainly includes the product research, locating inventory, customizing the products and also virtually trying the products.


Digital signage solutions are being exploited nowadays by many businesses to give a cutthroat competition and also to provide more customer satisfaction. 

A wider range of products and services can be shown at a single time. For instance, the restaurants business could make use of a series of digital menu boards that display a different menu with each passing day– i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner. This can make a good impression on customers about the place and will engage more customers at the point of sale. Along with it can make an atmosphere more lively or unique, with a powerful influence on buying decisions.

To increase the sales and awareness, digital signage can be used as an effective tool to interact with customers as an entertainment medium for example, waiting areas in an airport or train station to communicate messages to your customers. It can also be employed as a medium for your employees like for internal communications and meeting rooms.

Digital signage can be used as a platform to show off the work of our business for instance during presentations to have an added advantage, they can make use of projectors or LCD’s for slideshow purpose that allows a prospective client to have clear view about the project. Clients tend to trust peer recommendation over advertising, displaying projects you have worked on for others will help promote your brand, and reinforce trust in your services.


New display hardware will become mainstream: when it comes to screen technology, new and trendy display types like OLED, electronic paper display (EPD) and transparent displays, and new resolutions like 8K, have created buzz in the technological environment and has started to become mainstream during the next few years.

Interactivity: Customer engagement is one of the huge things that is moving forward in the digital signage world. Because of wide range of technology and advancements in digital signage, allows new applications to consistently be applied in businesses. Right from browsing product catalogues and requesting data to browsing menus and even placing orders alongside touch screen and facial recognition systems are often found in smartphones.

AI Personalization: Customers love personalization and with AI it getting more easier to give best experience to customers. One of the huge digital signage trends in future will see this AI-powered customization technology that provides better connectivity, responsiveness and intelligence to the capabilities of digital signage. Also, this will assist to improve customer engagement and surge the opportunities for customer interactions.


With so much happening in the world of digitalization and with endless room for growth and development of technology, we can see how the businesses are getting huge with the emergence of digital signage.

Digital Signage Market: 7.5% CAGR

Projected Revenue: 38.20 million from 2021 to 2027

For deeper dive check the full report here: https://whipsmartmi.com/Report/Digital-Signage-market

Published Date : March-2021

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