The vision of getting wireless through emergence of internet is to convert the conventional devices into a smarter and autonomous one. A wireless point of sale terminal is an electronic system that assists the physical retail locations to process the card payments. The emergence of Wireless transaction in the store is an essential way of making payments and is creating a hype among the consumers who are in favor of digital cash. A store can have a single or multiple POS terminals for transaction depending upon the necessity, in which each of the terminal consists of a credit card swiper, receipt printer and a usual type of cash drawer. These terminals are connected to a single control panel, that provides the complete database for collection and summarization of information about all kind of transactions.

What is POS system?

A POS system allows the customer to make a purchase and pay applicable sales tax. Wireless POS is often supposed of as an internal store terminal. Conversely, virtual POS systems are often used for online shopping. POS systems can also employ on portable devices like mobiles and tablets, which allows purchases to be made where the customer is, such as at their table. POS tablets are becoming prevalent with businesses, along with hotels, cafes.

How the Wireless POS system is setup?

Launch the software and Sign in: The foremost step you want to do is to run the software with web-based POS software, were no installation cost is required if you have access to internet. Just you have to launch the browser and enter your store’s URL. This step typically includes entering your business details such as your store name, where you’re located, how many outlets you have, etc. Most POS software will have prompts or walk-throughs to guide you through the setup process. Prepare the info you need, then follow the instructions.

Upload you products/service details:

Once you’ve propelled the app and developed your account, you would need to set up your inventory. If you only have a less items to sell, you can enter them manually into the system. If you have a large catalog, then opt to upload your inventory info in bulk. Most modern POS solutions will allow you to do this using a CSV product list, that contains the following fields:

  • Product name 
  • SKU 
  • Supply value
  • Retail price
  • Variant particulars (if the product comes in different sizes or colors) 
  • Product explanation
  • Product category
  • Brand name 
  • Supplier name 
  • Quantity 
  • Reorder point

Set up user account: A wireless point of sale system typically allows you to set up accounts or profiles for your crew members who would be functioning the system, that involves:

  • Admins
  • Managers
  • Cashiers

As per your set system, you may also have the option to set user consent levels, which enable or restrict users from accessing certain features or information. 

Setup the Hardware: The devices that you need varies, depending on your set up. Some may require several devices including payment terminals, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and receipt printers. Setting up equipment like payment terminals involves:

  • Switching on the device
  • Linking it with your WiFi network 
  • Pairing it to your POS system


Arrange your payment system: Once your payment system is connected to your POS system, you need to align your software’s setting so it distinguishes your payment processor. Wireless POS system assimilates with your payment processor, this process should be simple, and naturally involves going into your POS system’s settings and adding the right payment types.

What are benefits of Setting up Wireless POS system?

Installing an wireless Point of Sale system will benefit the users in various ways like it will cost effective, that reduces the overall cost of production, lowers down the checkout time for the customers, puts limitations to you business liability, ease in confirming identities during the time of payments, helps in recording and viewing the customer transaction history and can easily integrate with existing systems.


Emergence of Wireless POS terminal benefits in several ways like having detailed reports on daily basis, having better customer tracking, initiates new market trends, etc. The biggest transformation in point-of-sale systems over the past few years is the reasonable options for small businesses. Small companies no longer need to diminish their startup funds on an expensive POS system. While large operations may still need a sizable upfront investment, there are now handier and Wi-Fi options available so you can better serve your customers. The trend of having a cashless economy is found to be booming and this led as a major factor for driving the market of Wireless POS system.

Wireless Point of Sale Terminal Market: 13.2% CAGR

Projected Revenue: 21.98 billion from 2021 to 2027

For deeper dive check the full report here: https://whipsmartmi.com/Report/Wireless-Point_of_Sale-Terminal-Market

Published Date : March-2021

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