Healthcare Clinical Trial Management System Market is projected to grow up to 12.9% CAGR during the f...

Clinical Trial Management System Market is projected to grow up to 12.9% CAGR during the forecasting period 2021-2027.

The Clinical Trial Management System is a foundational set of tools for planning, managing, and monitoring your clinical study portfolio. It's a specialised, comprehensive project management app that guides the analysis team from start to finish, from registration to monitoring to study close. The administrative aspects of each study, such as billing, reporting, and tracking, are all centralised in this framework. Several research centres, associations, supporters, and CROs use these instruments to monitor clinical trials. The Clinical Trial Management System is a series of tools that you'll use to prepare, manage, and monitor your clinical trial portfolio effectively. The availability of new and continuous patient data sources, as well as technological accessibility, would have a huge effect on everyone involved in the clinical trial process. However, in order for this breakthrough to take place, the healthcare climate as a whole must shift. Throughout this complex, traditional-yet-forward-thinking sector, ethical and regulatory issues, as well as more debates, continue.

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Key Driving Factors:The increasing number of clinical trials and the availability of advanced CTMS solutions are driving factors.

The number of clinical trials in the life sciences industry increases every year around the world. The high prevalence of chronic illnesses, the expiration of blockbuster medications, the availability of government funding for clinical trials, and fierce competition in the pharmaceutical industry are all contributing to the increase in the number of clinical trials. Leading players have recently introduced a slew of CTMS solutions to the market that outperform their conventional counterparts. These products are inexpensive, quick to use, and provide efficient patient safety and regulatory enforcement while also enhancing users' financial management capabilities. They make it possible for companies to introduce a full-featured CTMS without the time-consuming setup and high upfront costs associated with conventional solutions.


This report offers the major market player’s profiles, such as Forte Research Systems and ICON plc, Merge healthcare incorporated, Bio-Optronics, DSG INC, eClinForce, ArisGlobal, ERT Clinical Bioclinica, Oracle Corporation, eClinForce Inc., Medidata Solutions, DATATRAK International, Inc, Guger Technologies Inc, PARAXEL International Corporation, and MedNet Solutions, Inc.


Opportunities:Investment in successful digital infrastructure and technology adoption agility are two opportunities.

The need to adhere to strict regulations has been critical in hastening the introduction of new technology in science. Despite the fact that technology supply has increased and regulation of novel methods has eased, pharmaceutical companies have been reluctant to adopt new technologies due to the volatility that exists in this space and the highly fragmented supply market. Given their disruptive influence over the R&D process and cost savings, pharma companies have recently increased their spending on AI and big data analytics. Fear of market competition, as well as the need for business transformation and agility, are driving significant investments in R&D technologies. To remain competitive, pharma companies must consider outward innovation in each of these categories through supplier benchmarking and be active in early involvement through co-development.

By End User: The clinical trial management system market has been segmented

Group, which includes large pharma-biotech companies, small to mid-sized pharma-biotech companies, CROs, medical device manufacturers, and other end users. A rising emphasis on R&D is one of the main factors driving the use of CTMS. In the United States, for example, PhRMA member companies increased their R&D spending from USD 26.0 billion in 2000 to USD 58.8 billion in 2015. Due to rising R&D costs, outcomes-based reimbursement, and tighter regulations levied on large pharma companies, a portion of their R&D functions was outsourced to smaller pharma companies, resulting in increased growth of this group.



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●       Enterprise-wide CTMS

●       On-Site CTMS

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●       Licensed Enterprise (On-premises)

●       Cloud-based (SaaS)

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Published Date : April-2021