The aim of social and emotional learning (SEL) is for children and adults to understand and control their emotions in order to achieve positive goals and develop positive relationships in order to make responsible decisions. The rising emphasis on developing children's social and behavioural skills is a major factor driving the demand for social and emotional learning. Because of supportive government policies and the introduction of social skills in schools, the North American region is projected to expand rapidly during the forecast era. SEL has evolved into an important component of education and human development. It is essentially a mechanism by which both young teenagers and adults acquire and apply skills and information in order to establish positive identities and achieve personal life goals. The SEL contributes to educational equality and excellence by forming school-family-community relationships in order to create a positive learning climate for students.

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Key Driving Factors: To help the market grow, more emphasis is being placed on students' overall growth.

Adults and children gain and apply information, skills, and attitudes needed to control emotions, such as setting and achieving goals, demonstrating empathy, and maintaining healthy relationships with colleagues, peers, and others, through social emotional learning (SEL). Social-emotional learning has gained significant traction in recent years, especially in K-12, higher education, and OST communities around the world– a trend that is expected to help the growth of the global social emotional learning (SEL) software market over the forecast period. Furthermore, social emotional learning has risen to popularity as one of the most important tools for promoting student achievement and successful school improvement, resulting in an increase in demand for social emotional learning (SEL) applications over the last few years.

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Opportunities: Demand for SEL software is on the rise, thanks to digital tools that are redefining the future of education.

As technological advances continue to influence the growth of various industrial sectors, the education sector is expected to take advantage of these advancements. For example, social emotional learning (SEL) software has increased in popularity among educational institutions in recent years as a result of a variety of benefits, including improved self-awareness and decision-making. One of the possible roadblocks to the market for social emotional learning (SEL) software is the high cost of buying a SEL curriculum, as well as a shortage of funds and qualified staff to successfully execute it. In contrast to developing regions, adoption of social emotional learning (SEL) software is projected to remain higher in developed regions such as North America and Europe. However, Asia Pacific is expected to offer lucrative opportunities to players in the current social emotional learning (SEL) tech business environment in the coming years. Furthermore, due to encouraging government policies and the establishment of a solid system, demand for social emotional learning (SEL) software is expected to remain higher in North America. For example, in the United States, the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in public schools has influenced the demand for social emotional learning (SEL) technology.

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During the forecast period, the elementary schools segment is expected to lead the social and emotional learning market by end user. Principals, teachers, parents, and policymakers, among others, have expressed a deep desire to introduce SEL solutions in elementary schools to help students improve their academic and social skills. In the age group of 5-11 years, SEL solutions will help students learn more about feelings, academic goals, empathy, and relationships. SEL solutions implemented in elementary schools had a positive impact on students' growth, according to several research findings. According to studies, there is a growing consensus among educators that SEL programmes play a critical role in students' academic, personal, and social lives, in line with mathematics and science syllabuses.

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Published Date : April-2021