Aerospace and Defence Aviation Analytics Market is projected to grow up to 12.7% CAGR during the forecasting per...

Aviation Analytics Market is projected to grow up to 12.7% CAGR during the forecasting period 2021-2027.

Aviation Analytics is a computational technique that provides end-users with statistical data and information on weather forecasts, flights, airport operating data, and real-time flight data. This system delivers an analytics solution that aids in cost reduction, increased profit and revenue, and improved performance. It is widely used in business sectors such as finance, maintenance and repair, sales and marketing, and many more. In the future years, the global aviation analytics market has enormous growth potential. Various enterprises throughout the world are progressively implementing aviation analytics solutions to help them save costs, improve maintenance and performance, and increase profitability and revenue. These systems are utilised in a variety of applications in the aviation sector, including revenue management, fuel management, inventory management, customer analytics, and risk management. They are employed in a variety of corporate sectors such as operations, finance, sales and marketing, and maintenance and repair. North America is the region with the largest market share in the aviation analytics market. The rising adoption of industrial aviation analytics by various organisations in order to improve their operational efficiency is a factor that contributes to market growth. The Asia Pacific and Western European regions are following in the footsteps of the North American region. Less acceptance of aviation analytics by enterprises and a lack of understanding about the technology are factors contributing to the slow market growth in these countries.

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Key Driving Factors: A greater emphasis is being placed on competitive intelligence and analytical solutions.

Participants in the global aviation analytics market are increasingly focusing on competitive intelligence and real-time analytical solutions to improve business profitability by increasing revenue and reducing costs in areas such as demand forecasting, tracking, fraud detection, marketing, and improved data management.

The aviation business generates a large amount of data.

The aviation analytics industry includes a massive amount of data that is impossible to manage and process, but this massive data is critical for discovering valuable insights in the aviation industry, such as predicting global security threats, changing customer preferences, and future market trends.

This report offers the major market player’s profiles, such as Oracle Corporation, IBM Corporation, SAS Institute Inc., SAP SE, General Electric, Ramco Systems, Mu Sigma, Aviation Analytics Ltd, Mercator, and Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Based on Application:  The mobility & functionality segment is expected to expand at the fastest CAGR during the projection period. The introduction of smart gadgets that can incorporate aviation data technologies improves the consumer experience during air travel. Aviation analytics delivers insights into air travel preferences using statistical modelling techniques and historical data. These insights are used by aircraft manufacturers and airports to make air travel more convenient and to improve the consumer experience.

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  • Cloud

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  • Operations

  • Maintenance & Repair

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Supply Chain

  • Others

By Application

  • Flight Risk Management

  • Fuel Management

  • Rout Management

  • Fleet Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Wealth Management

  • Inspection

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Part Replacement

  • Supply Chain Planning

  • Energy Management

  • Emergency Management

  • Mobility & Functionality

  • Others

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    • Aircraft OEMs

    • Engine OEMs

  • Airlines

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    • Large Airlines

  • Airports

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    • Large Airports

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By Region

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  •  Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Rest of World

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Published Date : October-2021