Information and Communication Technology Cryptocurrency Asset Management Services Market is projected to grow up to 24.2% CAGR duri...

Cryptocurrency Asset Management Services Market is projected to grow up to 24.2% CAGR during the forecasting period 2021-2027.

The upcoming introduction of advanced trading software has introduced a slew of new features for various groups of investors and traders, allowing them to participate in the financial markets more efficiently and at a lower cost. Crypto asset management removes the need for investors to maintain several accounts and wallets by consolidating disparate portfolios in one platform and providing improved portfolio management tools. Trading platforms using cryptocurrency assets, bitcoins, blockchain companies, and initial coin offerings are examples of these practitioners. Newcomer investors will find crypto asset management trading to be easier, although experienced traders will find it to be more advanced.

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Key Driving Factors: Rise in the demand for Cryptocurrency Finances

The crypto asset management market is being driven by growing demand for crypto asset management due to the popularity of crypto currencies around the world, the focus on crypto asset management among government institutions, financial organisations, and large corporations, and rapid digitization. The increasing adoption of digital processes and systems by a variety of industries, the advent of crypto currency as the financial equivalent of digital networks, and the transaction of funds in the form of digital assets developed using strong cryptography techniques, as well as the popularity of the platform for financial security, are all helping to propel the Crypto Asset Management industry forward. Furthermore, the crypto asset management industry benefits from the emergence of blockchain technology, an increase in capital spending, and the safeguarding of cryptocurrency assets. Furthermore, in the forecast period, crypto asset management would provide new investment opportunities, as well as increased cryptocurrency use across verticals and emerging economies, creating lucrative opportunities for Crypto Asset Management market players.

This report offers the major market player’s profiles, such as Coinbase, Gemini, Crypto Finance, Vo1t, Bakkt, BitGo, Ledger, Metaco SA, ICONOMI, Xapo, itBit, Koine Finance, Amberdata, Gem, Tradeium, Blox, Opus labs, Binance, Kryptographe, Koinly, Altpocket, Mintfort, Coinstats, Anchorage and CoinTracker.

Opportunities: Cryptocurrency assists in expanding the market for top players

The development of crypto asset management software is accelerating in order to help institutional investors, who are driving the crypto asset management market. Furthermore, as the internet's penetration grows, so does the number of online transactions, which is directly related to the acceptance of crypto asset management across a range of verticals, which is expected to present major opportunities for players in the crypto asset management industry. Brand releases, product approvals, and other organic growth measures such as patents and events are being prioritised by a number of businesses. Acquisitions, as well as partnerships and alliances, were seen as inorganic growth strategies in the industry. These practises have paved the way for market players to grow their business and customer base. With the increasing demand for crypto asset management in the global premium, market payers in the crypto asset management market are expected to benefit from lucrative growth opportunities in the future.

By End User:

As the number of people using cryptocurrency grows around the world, so does the potential customer base for crypto asset management solutions. Individual consumers mainly use cell phones for entertainment and utility. Many individual users prefer crypto asset management solutions, which drives the crypto asset management market, making it appealing for crypto asset management providers to provide advanced solutions to this segment.

The Global Crypto Asset Management Service market report has been categorized as below

By Solution

●       Custodian Solution

●       Wallet Management

By Deployment

●       Cloud

●       On-Premises

By Application

●       Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)

●       Information Technology (IT) and Telecom

●       Healthcare and Education

●       Manufacturing and Transportation

●       Travel and Tourism

●       Construction and Retail

●       Others (Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas, Real Estate)

By Region

●      North America

●      Europe

●      Asia Pacific

●      Rest of World

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Published Date : March-2021