Market Definition

The technological advancement in the field photography has been always in a positive picture. Different types of photography styles and techniques is one of the buzzing terms of all time. In which the aerial photography is the most demanded, earliest form of remote sensing and is the most widely used technique. In Aerial photography (or airborne imagery) is basically taking the photographs from an aircraft or other flying object. Platforms for aerial photography include fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or "drones"), balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, pigeons, kites, parachutes, stand-alone telescoping and vehicle-mounted poles. The quality, resolution and platforms have evolved, aerial photography is still a cornerstone of remote sensing and is becoming cheaper and more accessible than ever. Aerial photography is useful both for regional analysis and for evaluating specific sites. It can also provide a historical perspective that allows us to view changes in landscapes overtime. Upcoming technologies in the aerial imaging involves latest GIS (geographic information system), LiDAR systems, and 360-degree vision cameras due to which it’s expected to generate significant opportunities for the aerial imaging market. Aerial photography can be employed across various fields including government, energy, defence, agriculture & forestry, civil engineering & archeology, media & entertainment, and others (insurance, real estate, and tourism). Aerial imaging provides information such as land cover maps, vegetation maps, soil maps, and geology maps with the help of spatial data captured from the orthographic images. 

 Report Scope

The global aerial imaging market report scope includes a detailed study covering underlying factors influencing the industry trends. The report covers analysis of regional and country-level market dynamics. The scope also covers competitive overview providing company market shares along with company profiles for major revenue contributing companies. The report scope includes a detailed competitive outlook covering market shares and profiles key participants in the market share.

Major Market Players

The significant players in the aerial imaging market are ARC Blom ASA, Bluesky International Ltd., Digital Aerial Solutions, LLC, GeoVantage, Getmapping, Kucera International Inc., McKenzie Geospatial Surveys Limited, High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc., Cooper Aerial, Aerial Imaging Limited, Midwest Aerial Photography, and Propellerheads Aerial Photography.

The Aerial Imaging market report has been categorized as below

By Platform

  • Fixed-wing aircraft
  • Helicopter
  • UAV/drone

By Application

  • Geospatial mapping
  • Disaster management
  • Energy & resource management
  • Surveillance & monitoring
  • Urban planning
  • Conservation and research

By End User

  • Government
  • Energy
  • Military & defense
  • Agriculture & forestry
  • Archaeology & civil engineering
  • Oil & gas

 By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of World

The years considered for the global aerial imaging market study are as follows:

  • Base year - 2020
  • Estimated year - 2021
  • Projected year - 2022
  • Forecast period - 2021 to 2027

Key Questions Addressed by the Report

  • New products/service competitor are exploring?
  • Key players in the Aerial Imaging market and how intense is the competition?
  • What are the upcoming industry trends that manufacturers are focusing on in the future updates?
  • For each segment, what are the significant opportunities in the market?
  • What are the key growth strategies adopted by major market players in the market?
  • What are the key success strategies adopted by major competitors in the market?

 Why Buy this Report:

  • Gain comprehensive insights on the Aerial Imaging industry & market trends
  • Note complete analysis of the market status
  • Recognize the market opportunities and growth segments
  • Evaluating business segments & product portfolios, and interpret competitive dynamics
  • Facilitate strategy planning and industry dynamics to strengthen decision making

Report Table Of Content

1.   Aerial Imaging Market Introduction

1.1. Key Insights

1.2. Report Overview

1.3. Markets Covered

1.4. Stakeholders

2.   Research Methodology

2.1. Research Scope

2.2. Market Research Process

2.3. Research Data Analysis

2.4. Market Size Estimation

3.   Executive Summary

4.   Market Overview

4.1.   Introduction

4.2.   Market Drivers and Restraints

5.   Aerial Imaging Market, By Platform

5.1.   Key Points

5.2.   Fixed-wing aircraft

5.3.   Helicopter

5.4.   UAV/drone

6.   Aerial Imaging Market, By Application

6.1.   Key Points

6.2.   Geospatial mapping

6.3.   Disaster management

6.4.   Energy & resource management

6.5.   Surveillance & monitoring

6.6.   Urban planning

6.7.   Conservation and research

7.  Aerial Imaging Market, By End User

7.1.   Key Points

7.2.   Government

7.3.   Energy

7.4.   Military & defense

7.5.   Agriculture & forestry

7.6.   Archaeology & civil engineering

7.7.   Oil & gas

8. Aerial Imaging Market, By Region

8.1. Key Points

8.2. North America

8.2.1.  US

8.2.2.  Canada

8.2.3.  Mexico

8.3.  Europe

8.3.1.  Germany

8.3.2.  France

8.3.3.  Italy

8.3.4.  UK

8.3.5.  Rest of World

8.4.  Asia Pacific

8.4.1.  Japan

8.4.2.  China

8.4.3.  India

8.4.4.  Australia

8.4.5.  Rest of Asia Pacific

8.5.  Rest of the World

8.5.1.  South America

8.5.2.  Middle East and Africa

9.   Company Profile

(Profile contain company overview, products/services, financials & recent developments)

9.1.   ARC Blom ASA

9.1.1. Company Overview

9.1.2. Financial Highlights

9.1.3. Product/Services

9.1.4. Recent Developments

9.2.   Bluesky International Ltd.

9.2.1. Company Overview

9.2.2. Financial Highlights

9.2.3. Product/Services

9.2.4. Recent Developments

9.3.   Digital Aerial Solutions

9.3.1. Company Overview

9.3.2. Financial Highlights

9.3.3. Product/Services

9.3.4. Recent Developments

9.4.   LLC

9.4.1. Company Overview

9.4.2. Financial Highlights

9.4.3. Product/Services

9.4.4. Recent Developments

9.5.    GeoVantage,

9.5.1. Company Overview

9.5.2. Financial Highlights

9.5.3. Product/Services

9.5.4. Recent Developments

9.6.    Getmapping

9.6.1. Company Overview

9.6.2. Financial Highlights

9.6.3. Product/Services

9.6.4. Recent Developments

9.7.   , Kucera International Inc.

9.7.1. Company Overview

9.7.2. Financial Highlights

9.7.3. Product/Services

9.7.4. Recent Developments

9.8.   McKenzie Geospatial Surveys Limited

9.8.1. Company Overview

9.8.2. Financial Highlights

9.8.3. Product/Services

9.8.4. Recent Developments

9.9.    High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc.

9.9.1. Company Overview

9.9.2. Financial Highlights

9.9.3. Product/Services

9.9.4. Recent Developments

9.10. , Cooper Aerial

9.10.1. Company Overview

9.10.2. Financial Highlights

9.10.3. Product/Services

9.10.4. Recent Developments

9.11. Aerial Imaging Limited

9.11.1. Company Overview

9.11.2. Financial Highlights

9.11.3. Product/Services

9.11.4. Recent Developments

9.12. Midwest Aerial Photography

9.12.1. Company Overview

9.12.2. Financial Highlights

9.12.3. Product/Services

9.12.4. Recent Developments

9.13. Propellerheads Aerial Photography

9.13.1. Company Overview

9.13.2. Financial Highlights

9.13.3. Product/Services

9.13.4. Recent Developments

By Platform

  • Fixed-wing aircraft
  • Helicopter
  • UAV/drone

By Application

  • Geospatial mapping
  • Disaster management
  • Energy & resource management
  • Surveillance & monitoring
  • Urban planning
  • Conservation and research

By End User

  • Government
  • Energy
  • Military & defense
  • Agriculture & forestry
  • Archaeology & civil engineering
  • Oil & gas

 By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of World

Licence Option
  • Single 1500 USD
  • Multiple 3500 USD

  • Global
  • 150
  • Report

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