Market Definition

The strength and quality of a company's dealers, the quality and pricing of products, dealer or brand loyalty, product availability, financing terms, and customer service are all important factors that influence a buyer's decision.

During the forecast period, the farm tractor market segment with less than 30 horsepower is expected to be the most popular. Farm tractor sales are led by China, India, and the United States, with a strong demand for tractors with 30 horsepower. Tractors and combines with less than 30 horsepower are in high demand in China. According to the “China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association” publication, 30 hp tractors accounted for 65 percent of the market in 2017. According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), the US and Canada accounted for roughly 62–64 percent of the market for farm tractors with less than 40 horsepower in 2017. Small and medium farm tractors will be driven by factors such as lower prices compared to large tractors and small farmland per farmer in Asia, Oceania, and North America.

The market for two-wheel drive farm tractors is expected to be the largest. Asia Oceania is expected to be the leading contributor to the market's growth due to high sales of small tractors. North America is also expected to play a significant role in the segment's growth.

Plowing and cultivating are expected to dominate the market for implements. The implements used in this process break up the compacted earth surface and loosen the soil mass, allowing for more even crop penetration. During the forecast period, the need to improve soil fertility, maintain nutrients, and increase productivity will drive demand for ploughing and cultivating implements.

Asia is a continent with a diverse Oceania is thought to be the world's largest and fastest-growing agricultural equipment market. Due to rising population, small arable land per farmer, and falling crop prices, China and India have a dominant position in this market. Despite a slowdown in the global farm tractor market, India saw a 20.5 percent increase in 2016 when compared to 2015. Despite a decline in tractor sales in recent years, China continues to lead the global market, according to the Agrievolution Tractor Market report. Farmers have increased their use of modern agricultural equipment and practises as a result of increased government support and incentive.

Report Scope

The global market report scope includes a detailed study covering underlying factors influencing the industry trends. The report covers analysis of regional and country-level market dynamics. The scope also covers competitive overview providing company market shares along with company profiles for major revenue contributing companies. The report scope includes a detailed competitive outlook covering market shares and profiles key participants in the market share.

Major Market Players

Key market players in the global Farm Equipment industries are John Deere, AGCO Corporation, CNH Industrial, CLAAS, Kubota, Mahindra & Mahindra, SPF Group, J C Bamford Excavators, and Iseki.

The Farm Equipment Market report has been categorized as below

 By Power Output

  • Less than 30 hp
  • 31 – 70 hp
  • 71 – 130 hp
  • 131 – 250 hp
  • More than 250 hp

By Drive Type

  • Two-wheel drive
  • Four-wheel drive

By Equipment Type

  • Combines
  • Combines for cereal crops
  • Combines for non-cereal crops
  • Balers
  • Sprayers

By Region

  • North America
  • US
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Europe
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • UK
  • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Australia
  • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World
  • South America
  • Middle East and Africa

The years considered for the study are as follows:

·    Base year - 2020

·    Estimated year - 2021

·    Projected year - 2022

·    Forecast period - 2021 to 2027

Key Questions Addressed by the Report

·    New products/service competitor are exploring?

·    Key players in the Farm Equipment Market and how intense is the competition?

·    What are the upcoming industry trends that manufacturers are focusing on in the future updates?

·    For each segment, what are the significant opportunities in the market?

·    What are the key growth strategies adopted by major market players in the market?

·    What are the key success strategies adopted by major competitors in the market?

Why Buy this Report:

·    Gain comprehensive insights on the Farm Equipment industry & market trends

·    Note complete analysis of the market status

·    Recognize the market opportunities and growth segments

·    Evaluating business segments & product portfolios, and interpret competitive dynamics

·    Facilitate strategy planning and industry dynamics to strengthen decision making

Report Table Of Content

1.  Farm Equipment Market Introduction

1.1.  Key Insights

1.2.  Report Overview

1.3.  Markets Covered

1.4.  Stakeholders

2.  Research Methodology

2.1.  Research Scope

2.2.  Market Research Process

2.3.  Research Data Analysis

2.4.  Market Size Estimation

3.  Executive Summary

4.  Market Overview

4.1.  Introduction

4.2.  Market Drivers and Restraints

5.  By Power Output

5.1. Less than 30 hp

5.2. 31 – 70 hp

5.3. 71 – 130 hp

5.4. 131 – 250 hp

5.5. More than 250 hp

6.  By Drive Type

6.1. Two-wheel drive

6.2. Four-wheel drive

7.  By Equipment Type

7.1.    Combines

7.2.  Combines for cereal crops

7.3.  Combines for non-cereal crops

7.4.  Balers

7.5.  Sprayers

8.  By Region

8.1.  Key Points

8.2.  North America

8.2.1.  US

8.2.2.  Canada

8.2.3.  Mexico

8.3.  Europe

8.3.1.  Germany

8.3.2.  France

8.3.3.  Italy

8.3.4.  UK

8.3.5.  Rest of World

8.4.  Asia Pacific

8.4.1.  Japan

8.4.2.  China

8.4.3.  India

8.4.4.  Australia

8.4.5.  Rest of Asia Pacific

8.5.  Rest of the World

8.5.1.  South America

8.5.2.  Middle East and Africa


9.  Company Profile

(Profile contain company overview, products/services, financials & recent developments)

9.1. John Deere

9.1.1. Company Overview

9.1.2. Financial Highlights

9.1.3. Product/Services

9.1.4. Recent Developments

9.2. CNH Industrial

9.2.1. Company Overview

9.2.2. Financial Highlights

9.2.3. Product/Services

9.2.4. Recent Developments

9.3. Mahindra & Mahindra

9.3.1. Company Overview

9.3.2. Financial Highlights

9.3.3. Product/Services

9.3.4. Recent Developments

9.4. Agco Corporation

9.4.1. Company Overview

9.4.2. Financial Highlights

9.4.3. Product/Services

9.4.4. Recent Developments

9.5. Kubota Corporation

9.5.1. Company Overview

9.5.2. Financial Highlights

9.5.3. Product/Services

9.5.4. Recent Developments

9.6. Claas KGaA

9.6.1. Company Overview

9.6.2. Financial Highlights

9.6.3. Product/Services

9.6.4. Recent Developments

9.7. Iseki & Co.

9.7.1 Company Overview

9.7.2. Financial Highlights

9.7.3. Product/Services

9.7.4. Recent Developments

9.8. JCB

9.8.1. Company Overview

9.8.2. Financial Highlights

9.8.3. Product/Services

9.8.4. Recent Developments

9.9. SDF Group

9.9.1. Company Overview

9.9.2. Financial Highlights

9.9.3. Product/Services

9.9.4. Recent Developments

9.10. Yanmar

9.10.1. Company Overview

9.10.2. Financial Highlights

9.10.3. Product/Services

9.10.4. Recent Developments

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