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WhipSmart’s BYOR is a self-serve option that lets you define your own Table of Contents. By tailoring your report, BYOR allows you to construct reports that cut through elements that may not be essential to your needs.

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Hire Dedicated Researchers

Research projects can be time and resource heavy; they can place unexpected demands on your people–many of whom might not be right fit for the role. In addition, project mandates can change, as can timelines. Engaging with WhipSmart on our off-site FTE model can be the perfect win-win solution in such instances. WhipSmart’s FTE model gives you complete control, making it totally transparent, secure, and scalable. We are flexible in our working arrangements, allowing you to monitor and manage researchers as well as move between researchers if needed. Engaging with WhipSmart on our FTE model gives you all the benefits of having a full-time employee but without the administrative headaches or employment-related expenses

Business Writing and Whitepapers

Branding Through Thought Leadership

With their authoritative tone and informative nature, white papers can play a vital role in your busi-ness’s marketing efforts. From offering innovative solutions to advocating specific positions, white papers and other business writings can build and grow your customer base by addressing real-world needs of audiences, while translating your past successes into viable thought-leadership po-sitions within your industry. WhipSmart’s white papers leverage our collective research capabilities and understanding of di-verse industry segments for whom we regularly produce actionable market- and business-intelligence. This cross-functional capability also means your white paper will give contextual depth to your topic, making the paper vastly more readable and relatable to your audience.

Investment Research

Giving you more bang for your buck

Investment decisions are driven purely by accurate and timely information. It’s not enough to have the best information; it must be fresh, complete, and available when you need it. Through our AI powered data collating capabilities, WhipSmart is able to help investment managers and PE firms across the world deliver the best investment opportunities for our customers. Our AI capabilities enable us to scan and mine massive data sets from multifarious data sources accurately and in near-real time. This edge is further enhanced by the cross-functional expertise that our various domain experts bring to every project. It enables us to provide solutions tailored to meet our clients specific demands quickly and cost-effectively.

For Universities

  • Market potential for courses across regions
  • Market entry and competitor mapping
  • Emerging trends and best practices
  • Competitor course evaluations

See the unseen

Henry Ford, as the story goes, said that if he had asked people what they wanted, they would have demanded faster horses. Instead, he gave them an invention that forever changed the world. Ford’s ability to see and meet a demand that hadn’t even been articulated is the essence of whitespace discovery, and this is exactly the ability that today’s businesses must master if they are to survive and flourish.

Whitespace identification is the first step in creating new value for customers, but it is also largely an unknown landscape with pitfalls and obstacles that a business must avoid. The constant state of flux created by economic and tech changes breeds an environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that can paralyze a business. And the only way forward is through advance intelligence about the current and changing business environments.

WhipSmart’sraison d’être is to equip businesses and organizations with the knowledge and intelligence they need to understand changing market conditions and identify whitespaces that offer them the highest potential for growth, be it into new markets, new geographies, or entirely new business lines. Our whitespace mapping looks at both internal and external perspectives, i.e. the ability of business’s internal processes, systems, infrastructure to respond to new opportunities and threats, and external opportunities uncovered by changing market forces. Our reports bring both these aspects together to provide strategic and objective intelligence that a business can leverage to garner high business returns.

Using AI, we are making research more economical, thorough, and much, much faster, without sacrificing on data size or accuracy. Our experience in market assessment, competition mapping, and customer intelligence is giving data analytics traditional 20-20 hindsight a future-focused edge. Both, the quantitative and qualitative intelligence of our reports go beyond narrow considerations, to provide big picture views that assess growth opportunities, size markets, map competition and spot opportunities, to help you make informed business decisions.

The most successful businesses understand the inherent ever-changing nature of markets, add to this the disruptions that technology brings and one can begin to appreciate the need for up-to-date intelligence. At WhipSmart we go beyond merely informing our clients about the current state of their markets and audiences to identify potential whitespaces created by the confluence of changing market elements, customer demands, and techno-innovations. Powered by our constantly evolving AI engine, we are able to gather and sift through massive volumes of data from many disparate sources in a fraction of the time it would take conventional methods. This artificial intelligence behind our data gathering is balanced by the very human intellect of our senior analysts, all of whom are acknowledged leaders in their respective industry and market segments.

Whether you’re a completely new entrant to a particular sector, market or geography; launching a new product, or expanding to new markets or sectors, WhipSmart reports give you the intelligence you need to:

  • Improve planning and strategy through incisive understanding of the changing market landscape and competition
  • Strengthen your market position
  • Improve your market forecasts and revenue projections, so you can focus on segments that offer the highest ROI
  • Stay connected to your customers and potential customers
  • Protect your business from potential threats
  • Seize the advantages presented by opportunities others may not be able to identify
  • Force out-of-the-box thinking among your business leaders

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